APR 11




If you choose life today and just sit in your chair,

you still will have a life of despair.


The choice: Life or Death has definite actions,

in everything that you do;

If youíre not acquainted with what My way is,

you still are the lord of you;


That Ďyouí really can make your way prosperous

with a lot of pain and decay.

A reasonable choice: Let Me be Lord:

Hear and do all that I have to say; 


You canít possibly think, with the strength of yourself,

that your power can re-arrange,

all of the things your choices delivered,

to keep your life bound and chained.


Take Daniel, for instance, in the lionís pitted den,

He must have known God would deliver him,

Else, how could he ever have gone to sleep

with hungry lions standing at his feet?   


The ones that followed, the very next time,

were crushed and eaten before they hit the ground;

They were hungry and angry; They missed a meal;

Angels held their mouths closed; Deliverance is real! 


Most of us canít even rest like that

in a comfortable bed,( are statisticís facts);

And, when you wake up, thereís no expectation

that your life will ever change;

Well, it wonít as long as you keep choosing Death;

Itís your lordship thatís bringing the pain.  


But!!! Choosing Life, with Me being Lord,

gives you Psalms Ninety-one, which is hard to ignore!


I said, Beloved, above all things,

I would that you prosper...in health;

Even as your soul (the chooser of Me)

that will bring you protected wealth. 


Iíve sent ministering spirits to stand guard on you;

To protect you in all of your ways;

Even run-off the other spirits, that have walked in your

lordship for days.


As I instruct you and you respond to Me;

Health, peace and contentment are your victories! 


That choice lets Me be responsible for you,

when ten thousand fall at your side;

The only thing your lordship has given is:

Ir-responsible Pride! 


You say: ďUn-earned favor!Ē and that is true;

This also means: You donít belong to you! 

You were bought with My price; You are not your own;

This gives me the right to bring you home!


So, stop messing around, before itís too late;

A life cut short is not your fate!

Youíre smart enough to know this is true;

Get over your anger and ask Me what to do!


My plan takes in all heartís desires,

that you must talk over to see;

Youíre not God and you canít pull this off,

without direction from Me!


Have you been able to step on poisonous snakes?

Pride says: ďWell, I think that I could!Ē

Wait Ďtill you try stopping Satanís Venom;

the one that I withstood...

in the Garden, when I issued My Decree,

all for the love of you and Me;

knowing I was prophesying My own destiny! 


Which carries your benefits, but, with you being lord,

they have been impossible to get;

If you were as tenacious about following your King,

as you are about, daily doing your own thing...


You would then, have My power to turn life around;

And, for the love of your Father, not give any ground...

to The Lie that says, ďYou donít hold the Kingís Scepter;

That really belongs to me!Ē 

Your response will be quick, as you step on his neck,

with submitted tenacity!!!  

This is your revealed destiny; Donít allow it to die,

by not choosing Me!!! 


The only death that should lay on the ground,

is that other Ďfellowí thatís led you around;

Afraid that youíd tell him, how itís going to be;

In spite of his crying; You resurrected DA 4-11 2of2Me!!!




March 30th, 2005

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