APR 22

Building Blocks:

{accepted or rejected  for my foundation} 


I heard a statement the other day,

   and, because it was said to me;

I must be sure how my Lord views this,

   to evaluate Truth that He sees.


I don’t want to imply that I’m anyone’s judge;

   That certainly is not the case,

But, it’s not as casual as I’ve seen this treated:

   To make statements,

and not know where they’re based...


Because, I’ve been given the responsibility,

   to monitor accusing words that I hear,

and not let these form wrong building blocks,

   with words that come into my ear.




“How could anyone blow a family apart

   and cause such a lot of pain?” 

(The implication being: This was done in lust);

   The “judger’s” life played out the same.


The thing that was judged wasn’t even true;

   But, it reversed itself,

and caused that judgement to you. 


You never will get this thing off from your back,

   if you don’t hear how God views this matter;

All of your reactions will be emotion, based on pain,

   and you keep reproducing the very same.




“God hates divorce.”; Well, that is true;

   That is a literal statement;

But, you need to back up, further than this,

   if you want to know why your pain persists...


Or, your conclusion could only be:

   Someone else made these mistakes,

but God abandoned me.


This will make you carry Religion’s Cross,

   and develop a sense of pride;

Because, “You did the right thing; You forgave that wretch.”

   and think you are now justified. 


When I asked, This is what our Father showed me:

   Divorce is indeed a tragedy;

But, you decided, when running your life,

   You were going to pick out your very own wife;


This rebellion continues running your show;

   And you’re still judging others, operating as thou,

you have the right to discern other lives...

   Thinking: All marriages are from Me, and perfectly right.


Even at that, I could have made it so;

   I could have made it exiting;

But, you wouldn’t follow Me and she wouldn’t follow you;



You haven’t back up far enough yet,

   to know why you’re living a life of regret;

Don’t let this remain for one more day;

   I’ll turn tragedy’s plan to your blessing, My way. 


If you’ll forsake this Satan based judgement of yours,

   and turn to Me, I will open doors, that will set you free

of what is tragedy and give you My intended victory.


Accepted or Rejected; these thoughts that become words;

   Are they fit to go on my foundation? 

I present each matter to You, My Lord,

   for Your consideration.


What an edifice You are building for me;

   One that cannot be moved in the most violent of seas;

How differently I’m beginning to view;

   these days filled with opportunities from You. 


How many casualties I have caused

   with Satan’s intent for mankind;

Rather than coming to hear what You say,

   I became Killer in those moments of time.


Yet, as soon as I came and asked about me,

   You quickly gave me Your Eyes to see...

all of the things that I discerned wrong,

   and let me know how You suffered long,

to get to me what was Your intention: 


           TO LET ME STAY DEAD


                                                                                 March l8th, 2005                

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