APR 27

   Is Not This The Fast That I Have Chosen?


Iíve been reading of late in Isaiah Fifty-Eight,DA 4-27 1of1

   when He pointed out something to see:

The Ďonesí that He sounded the trumpet to,

   have similarities to me. 


I mean, has it ever been so important to me

   that I would miss a meal,

in order to feed somebody thatís hungry?

   Is that how I really feel? 


Or, actually ease the load of the burdened

   with what I have now in my hand;

Cloth the naked and free the oppressed

   to literally do what I can?


Is that even really a desire for me?

   (and Iím not talking being a missionary)

I mean, right here, in my home town;

   Is this how we make this His Kingdomís ground? 


I have to admit that I thought that was Ďworksí;

   and I do think it could turn into that;

But, the thing that Iím wondering is:

   If Iím not my own, is this the enemyís trap?


Is the Ďgoalí for me to pursue my desires

   and ignore the trumpetís sound?

And how do I break the yoke of the one

   that The Lie has totally bound?


Jesus more than proved this was His attitude

   when He walked about on this Earth;

The desires of His Father were so important;

   He was about giving them birth.


Iíve learned how to guard my privacy;

   Perhaps, for my own survival;

I wonder what itís like to be that free

   and not self-absorbed in my own destiny? 


Is this even possible, if Iím not persuaded,

   that all that He said is true:

When I give to another, there will be His supply

   poured out from Heaven to view?


I donít mean to say that should be my motive:

   To give so that I can get;

But, it should certainly be my expectation;

   And... has it happened yet?


They loved to hear what God had to say;

   They loved to approach unto Him;

What turned that kind of a heart so hard? 

   Perhaps, what He sent, stopped at them.


Is this whatís stopping that promised flow? 

   Iíll first wait for abundance to let it go?

Get trapped in a system thatís promised to fail,

   before Iíll use what I have, to let out of jail...


all of the captives that The Lie wonít set free;

   And, worse, has that Lie captivated me?


I can stay at home and self-inflict;

   Abstain to the point of making me sick;

I can read and pray and be celibate;

   Secretly wondering why I rarely get...


The thing that He said would surely be;

   Yet, it doesnít seem to be happening to me.

Well, Ďthe buckí stops here; Can I multiply it? 

   Not if I deify things that I get.


How can I not? Is it, Do what He said

   and start giving out some of my hoarded bread?   

Thereís just isnít enough! I highly doubt that!

   Iíve noticed there has been some added fat!


I know, Ďif I wouldí, Elias has come;

   Like John; Announcing Your Holy One;

He believed that and brought His Kingdom to Earth;

   Is this then the problem: I wonít give it birth?


There will never be another You!!!

   Yet, You have asked that I go there too:

To walk on the path that Youíve already paid;

   To bring in Your Kingdom, for which I have been saved.


Am I literally stopping what Youíve already conceived?

   What other meaning to Matthew; Eleven: thirteen?


Donít come to my tree and find nothing to eat

   because I have tried to sustain...

the life that You gave me, because Iíve refused

   to follow You out of this pain.


Every decision thatís taken me from You,

   has been involved with what I want to do;  


I was watching a program the other night

   and the thing that got my attention: 

In this third world nation, there was so much order;

   Not at all like our conventions. 


I donít even know what was being taught,

   I was so impressed with their hunger;

They had a reverence that I havenít seen here,

   in the older as well as the younger. 


What has happened in Ďthe land of the freeí?

   The same thing that happened in the grace He gave me:

Taken for granted and completely abused;

   Weíve blindly become our own Ďgood newsí.


Itís a serious thing to not honor a parent,

   in the order of things here, on this Earth;

How much more then, our Heavenly Father,

   that gave us our second birth. 


I wonder how many will qualify,

   when He comes to the tree that is you and I? 

He walked away with the severest of rebukes,

   when that fig tree wasnít producing fruit. 


The most quoted verse I think in the Bible:

   ďLove isnít made perfect in fear!Ē 

Thatís just an excuse because the truth is:

   You really donít want to hear. 


I read that fearís the beginning of wisdom;

   Because, if you donít respect,

youíll just walk away and not listen to Him,

   when Heís trying to save your neck.


And yet, Lord, I ask that Youíll dung our trees;

   Forgive this obvious travesty!

Help us not to harden our heart;

   Help us to follow You out of the dark!  


                                                             April 10th,2005   

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