OCT 27




I was offered a carrot today;

   Which, of course, is the enemyís way;

Little, at first, but they work in reverse;

   Sadly lacking in Vitamin A.


One thingís for sure; heís not in a hurry;

   As long as the fruit is: 

Iíll suffer his fury!


It seems that carrotís are always by choice;

   Which clearly shows:

Spirits donít have a voice...

   Unless they can fool me

and Iíll let them use mine;

   Then, I give them my power

to successfully bind....

   The one that was paid for with Jesus blood;

Thus, allowing them all to come in like a flood.


The thing that Iím wondering,

   because this happens so much,

Is, Why am I not staying better in touch

     with the One thatís All Wise,

Never changing His mind

   To freely give me all that is mine?


Iím not talking the issues of wrong and right;

   Thatís shadow boxing: ĎThe Religious FightĒ;

If Sinís really paid for, then I am a threat;

   So, Iíll have to be fooled or else he canít get...

My power to use now, right here on this Earth,

   to keep his appointment: The anti-christsí birth!


So, what is the answer?  How does it work?

   What is Godís answer to defeat this Ďjerkí?

(I use the term loosely, for who is the greater?

   He fooled me to not believe my Creator.)


I started this week of activity,

   with normal responsibility ;

Really rejoicing that I could be

   as productive as one much younger than me.


I was just about done rearranging the room;

   Picked up the T.V. and Crash, Bam, KaBoom!

My poor Ďoldí back caught and I quickly listed;

   All of the reasons I shouldnít resist it.

It didnít matter that I was paid for;

   Because, after all, I was now on the floor.


But isnít part of the package to me:

   That I am whole, so that I can see...

that youth is renewed, just like Father said;

   Thou, Satan would love to keep me in bed!


Iím not saying, there isnít a time to leave;

   But the enemyís trying to keep me deceived;

Because, the first thing that happened,

   when he attacked;

Was to get me to justify, being on my back.


My legal mind, with the help of others,

   went over the grand check list:

The yard work, The tractor, The weeding,

   all factors;

Painís logic so hard to resist!


The familiar spirits all cheering me on;

   For the next larger carrot of the enemyís song.

I almost bought that I was stupid,

   for expecting my body to be;

Just what my Lordís so completed price

   freely has given to me.


I donít mean by that, that I wonít take instruction;

   To hear what my Lord has to say;

But not finding out why is dangerous ground

   that locks in the enemyís way....


Because, it really is true that Iím being re-stored,

   back to my original position.

Is this, then, a lie and Iíll have to wait?

   Could this be the enemyís condition?


It would have to be a subtle deception,

   so he can operate without my detection;

Well, what better tool than logicís voice;

   Itís now my own reasoning and my own choice.


And if truth would be allowed to speak;

   Weíd hate to admit that we are that weak...

to not detect, after all these years,

   That my lord as been ĎReasoní with its children

of fears.


The only option thatís left is Ďpretendí

   Weíre afraid to do less..íwe could stumble mení;

So, whatís the solution, Ďto begin again?í

   ĎIíll keep my mouth shut...I donít want to offend.í


Well, you donít seem to mind offending Me;

   To make Me a liar for the world to see;

It was Me that revealed the enemyís plan;

   You forget, youíre inscribed on the palms of My hands!                      

I didnít say to begin again;

   Just fight the right fight and identify Sin.

Religion has said that itís Ďrightí and Ďwrongí;

   How about, ďYouíre paid forĒ;

Could this be your song;


To respond to Me with such gratitude

and not allow yourself to be used...

   to perpetrate this platter of lies;

But, rather, openly defy....

   every challenging situation thatís heard;

trying to tell you, I wonít keep My word.


There are many things, Lord, Iíd like to do;

   All of which, youíll be able to.

I told you just the other day:

   A curse thatís causeless, wonít come;

Believing The Lie has cause and effect;

   So, choose to believe My Son.



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