MAR 10

DA 3-10 + 11-30 1 0f 15His Manuel


You exposed your heart with what you just said;

   Our declarations are easily read;

Jesus said what we store abundantly,

   will actually show for all to see.DA 3-10 + 11-30 20f 15


Itís like giving a doctor total permission

   to x-ray you without interruption;

Walking radiation that has itís own mission

   of complete and total destruction. 


Well, Iíll just become the silent type;

   No one will be able to see

all of the things that I really think,

   stored up on the inside of me!  DA 3-10 + 11-30 3 0f 15


Thatís called Ďactingí; Youíd better buy some tape;

   Just like gas, you can anticipate

a spontaneous reaction from your heart to your mouth;

   Itís another opening usually involved Thatís

 the way that it works; Thatís the whole idea;

   The term loosely used: running diarrhea.DA 3-10 + 11-30 4 0f 15


Donít you understand, your design is Devine

   (thou, itís good to not poison others);

What youíve stored up will show,

   Cancer always will

be seen, one way or another.


It doesnít have to be that way;

   Why donít you start storing what God has to say?

The Manuel He left you, that is called, The Bible,

   will instruct you, instead to start killing idols. 


Youíre smart enough to know this is trueDA 3-10 + 11-30 5 0f 15

   (but on the outside chance that youíre not);

What has what youíve stored up to date given you

   but an occasional pleasure shot.


In-between times youíve almost killed yourself,

   to maintain your own endeavor;

You know this is true; The world systemís designed

   to DA 3-10 + 11-30 6 0f 15work you, kill youDA 3-10 + 11-30 7 0f 15 and keep you blind.DA 3-10 + 11-30 8 0f 15


Yet, you obediently go on trying to find

   your own solutions by your own design. 


As youíre caught in this loop, thatís now going faster,

   with one designed purpose: Total Disaster!;

Have you noticed the pace of survivalís increased?

   Itís harder now to get restful sleep.


Well, where do you think choosing drugs come from,

   or new methods for some form of pleasure?  DA 3-10 + 11-30 9 0f 15

Manís trying so hard to cope in this life;

   find self-worth that can somehow be measured.


I ask, Have your methods worked so far? 

   We both know the answer to this;

My suggestion: Get off spinning merry-go-rounds;

   Centrifugal force does exist;

You canít hold on longer; Youíre not strong enough;


   Itís plan: Spin you off;DA 3-10 + 11-30 10 0f 15 Leave you dead in itís dust! 


You werenít designed to end up this way;

   Your spirit wants to hear what He has to say;

Youíll have to decide; This is what Heís decreed;

   Will you open His Manual and begin to read? DA 3-10 + 11-30 110f 15


If you donít understand, then ask some questions

   about the things that youíve read;

You say you think that He is alive

   but you treat Him as thou He is dead;


The only time you call on Him

   is when you are scared or afraid;

How long do you think He will put up with this...

   to bless your arrogant ways? 


This is more than suggesting; This is a warning;

  You say, I donít serve a God of fear; 

I have news for you; You donít serve Him at  all;DA 3-10 + 11-30 12 0f 15

   Your life shows that you just donít hear.


Now, Iím not a promoter of majoring on fruit;

   Itís only an indicator,

to expose to yourself (and it will to others);DA 3-10 + 11-30 13 0f 15

  Your fruit isnít from your Creator. 


Created, is one thing thatís evident;

   Re-created, a totally Ďnotherí event;

You are here; I can see you;

   Youíve been created;

Your parents gave you physical birth;

   You are walking around, taking up space,

on this physical, tangible earth;


Youíll read in The Manual, if you pick it up;

   Jesus says that He is the way;

Heís totally paid for every sin

   from the past, right up thru today;

This is perfectly free; what Heís all about

   and because this is real, there will be results. 


So, this Ďre-creationí; this second birth

   will be seen in a much greater way;


Because now, a direct power line of communicationís

   been established to your Father each day.


With that kind of hook-up, thereíll be no doubt;

   You will understand what youíre reading about.


The choice is still yours but your gratitude level

   has now come into play;

Youíll not only want to hear what Heís saying,

   Youíll want to do things His way.


It isnít a matter of working to earn

   a Love that is freely yours;

Itís wisdom that now is alive in you;

   You have been completely Ďreí-formed.


All that He is and all that He has

   is now your inheritance;

A son and an heir, in perfect standing

   to win every circumstance...DA 3-10 + 11-30 14 0f 15

that the worldís system has thrown your way;

   So, letís see what Father has to say

about forces coming against His son;

   Theyíre not wise; Theyíre now messing with The Holy One.


Then, you can decide if youíll ask your Father:

   Please, to not enforce

the dangerous place they are standing in;

   Let there be another recourse

and show to them the very same mercy

   You so many times showed to me.

So that they can have this very same peace

   and share in Our victory.


Because youíre a son,DA 3-10 + 11-30 15 0f 15 He will listen to you;

   What you care about makes a difference

as He proudly watches this new heart of yours

   delight to run interference.



January 25th, 2005

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