NOV 11

Nov. 30, 2004


When I pull out my score card for or toward others, God pulls out His score card to see if I have done the whole law...Guess who loose’s?


Romans 3:25-3l


I notice these verses say that we don’t fulfill the law (He did that); We establish it (faith) by believing that He fulfilled it.


What then my response in walking out this life?


GRATITUDE (which stimulates): praise, worship, intimacy, confidence because I’m valued; I’m paid for; I’m free.

                                               DA 2-19 + 11-11 1&6of7

Morning Star


I believe You fulfilled The Law for me;

   This great gift of Love that set me free;

Stimulates in me such gratitude

   and glorify’s You with this perfect news.DA 2-19 + 11-11 2of7


Your Perfect Self was offered to God,

   that His righteousness excepted;

Offered, in fact, as a man like me,

   and I was in You: now vested.


To think when my choice was:

   To believe that You did this; I jumped right inside of You:

   Then, You took me everywhere

You had gone;

   My destiny came into view.


Anything less than this foundation,

   turns all that I do into condemnation.


The power of The Cross, indeed, is the key

   that resurrected You, as well as me.


The difference between ‘fulfilled’ and ‘establish’,

   referring to Romans Three,

makes all the difference in walking this out:

   Who’s glorified; You or me?        


This same difference exists in response and labor,

   that should set off a million alarms;

A failsafe system that’s built into me,

   guarantee’s my choice of no harm.


A daily foundation that I can’t hide,

   Determines if I will or will not abide....

any circumstances that say, I can’t win

   what’s already done, with the me in Him;

But precise direction, with my mind now His 

   is my choice to start each day;

To love these reminders of who He’s made me;

   To hear all that He has to say.


Oh, horror’s, I might have to set the alarm,

   in order to have the time;

Does this answer your question;

   Why this can’t be seen?

You’re doing your will and not Mine!DA 2-19 + 11-11 5of7


Haven’t you read, There’s a lion in the streets?

   Yet, you won’t believe Me...

and you choose more sleep.


Well, I know You want me to rest my bones.DA 2-19 + 11-11 3of7

   Turn off the computer and get off the phone;

Try going to bed at a reasonable time;DA 2-19 + 11-11 4of7

   And you wonder why I Am so hard to find!

If you’d hate fruitless life like you hate discipline;

   Then, I could persuade you of who I Am.


Could this be, in fact, what is real ‘rebuke’;

   to stop all the enemy’s lies:

By simply choosing, with great gratitude;

   Thus, proving I am justified!

Yet, we choose to fight with so many words,

   trying to convince ourselves;

Rather than quietly choosing His gift:

   Overflowing, abundant wealth;

Wholeness from the top of my head to my toes,

   and everything in between,

is what I read that His payment did;

   Why, then, is this not being seen?


So, I ask of You, Lord, as We start each day,

   Refresh me again with what You have to say;

And not only that, but who You are;

   Then, I hear.... One of My Names is:

The Bright Morning Star.....

   The importance being, My child, that you see

to never start the day without Me;

   With My refreshing of the you in Me;

Your peace will quiet the angriest sea...

   so that We can sail on with Our rudder in place;

Some kind of wonderful: 

                   No fog...Face to Face!!! DA 2-19 + 11-11 1&6of702


DA 2-19 + 11-11 7of7

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