NOV 27

MY DA 3-7 + 11-27 1 &20f202 MANTEL


So many words; So many words

   and so many different opinions...

but, what should be evident...

   right up in my face,

is that Jesus, The Christ, has risen...

   and, if it isnít, then, Why not?

Could this be the power that

   I all but forgot?


Has every worrisome circumstance;

   along with pain and lack;

Every real issue weíre facing,

   making His Truth pull back?


This, Ďtaking the timeí to renew my mind

   of all that He says is completed,

is a whole lot harder than I thought it would be,

   in order that Iím not defeated!


Well, what is the thing that is challenging me?

   Is a gun being held to my head?

So many excuses, that have no solutions,

   to not doing what You have said.


I wonder why, periodically, this becomes so very complex?

   Perhaps, the truth of the matter is:

       You havenít decided yet. 

Decided what?  To change the system with itís unreasonable demands?

   I havenít noticed lighting yet, coming out of either hand. 


But, surely youíve noticed, in the reading of Me,

   I didnít lack power for all to see;

And never with a self-centered plan;

   Always to show, in fact, who I AM. 


The battle throughout all of the ages

   was completed before it began;

This also is true, even for you;

   But, this only comes from My Hand.


The opinions of men, I have allowed,

   when I granted mankind their freedom;

How many will choose this Loveís gratitude,

   are the oneís that will walk in My Kingdom.


If there are opinions that youíre not sure about,

   ask Me your questions;

Then, youíll have no doubt...

   that all that Iíve said, you really can trust;

But, Me being your Lord is an absolute must!


What that really amounts to is this:

   If there is a choice, large or small,

you must take the time to hear My voice

   or youíll become lord of all;


Otherwise, ĎLordí is only a word;

   Your choices reflect that you havenít heard...

directly from Me in what you are doing;

   Confusion comes in and you start mis-using

all of the oneís that I wanted to help;

   But, you, being lord, must now do it yourself.


I really hope this has answered your cry,

   because you are important to Me;

My plan for you has always been

   that you walk out My victory!


And, because The plan was formed by My Hand,

   a road for specifically you,

thereís nobody else, unless hearing from Me,

   that can tell you what to do.


Of course, thereís My order and always will be:

   A step in each road for your victory;

But, how will I know?  Thereís a lot of ĎHeadsí.

   True; But, not appointed by Me...

and never to interfere with what is Ours:

   This honest intimacy.


If you ask Me, Iíll show you your heart;

   Your motives, so that you will see:

Where you are concerned, I donít make mistakes;

   Itís your lack of trusting Me...

that has led you down unprofitable roads;

   {even that, Iíll turn to your good};

Iíve always rushed in, when youíve opened the door;

   Just like I said that I would.


That whole experience you had with My cat;

   you know was not accidental;

Well, there will be more, like there was before;


Yoked with Me,

  underneath My Mantel


Iím your very own Father; What canít you ask Me?

   What is there that you have to fear?

My question to you is: Will you now rest with Me?

   Will you now, not move Ďtill you hear?...


So that DA 3-7 + 11-27 1 &20f2We can step out with all confidence,

   on this road thatís uniquely Our own,

and stay right on course; My compass pre-set,

   Kingdom mansionís your pre-destined home;

I donít mean later; I mean right here and now;

   You asked Me; I answered; This is ĎThe Howí!!!



January 20th, 2005



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