NOV 26



Could it be, that we are so blind;

   so totally steeped in routine,

that we look for solutions

   in what only can be

physically touched or seen? 


Could it be, in fact, what faith really is,

   (that opens our inheritance door)

is to stop making choices on what only we see;

   As I no longer can ignore:


That this World’s system has programmed me;

   I mean, really kept me blind,

so that I have become an obedient robot;

   as, also, with most of mankind.


The other day, with progressive knowledge,

   that sure didn’t come from me;

I was bringing in groceries, as fast as I could;

   It was minus ten degrees;


The thought came to me to “bind” and to “loose”,DA 3-6 + 11-26 10f2

   for protection, on this frigid night,

so forest animals and pets as well

   would be saved from this freezing blight;


At that precise moment, a cat showed up;

   lost and hungry and cold;

Then I remembered a rhyme that God wrote

   and what I was recently told:

I can bind and loose ‘till I’m blue in the face

   but, if I had refused an action,

what He wanted to do through me that night,

   would never have had satisfaction. 


I know very little about a cat; A dog is more my type;

   That makes little difference, when God’s in control;

The whole thing became a delight.


I was aware, for that night only,

   He did not want that cat to be lonely. 

I had a strong sense that tomorrow I’d know

   just what direction He wanted to go.


The meantime, I said:

   Lord, I just want to say

that a cat is not my desire;

   But, nevertheless, as well as I can,

I will try to put out this fire.


He snuggled right down on my electric blanket,

   with his belly now full of food;

He was purring loudly as he was responding

   to Love’s action with gratitude. 


The next morning, while drinking a cup of coffee,

   with my friend curled up on my lap,

I wondered how this whole thing would play out,

   with this grey stripped tiger cat.

He sure wasn’t pretty but I was aware

   that his Creator... really didn’t care.


I glanced out the window as a red car went by;

   pulled in, down the street, to my neighbor’s drive.

After some calls that I knew I should make,

   from that Voice that I didn’t ignore;

Some inquiries were made and within ten minutes,

   the owner showed up at my door.


 Apparently, their pipes froze up through the night;

   They went to an apartment and the kitty took flight ;

This had happened a week before;

   When I bound and loosed, this opened the door

for God’s Love to respond to His precious creation,

   for all to be blessed in that situation.


What did I learn from that event?

   That my Father is all that He says;

If I’ll let Him, He’ll balance in His capable Hands,

   my desires as well as His.


To think that my Father would so clearly define,

   and take the time with me, to handle completely,

what He cause me to ask, with His precise intricacy!


There’s never a word that He says, un-important;

   There’s never a place He is not;

But, a robot reacting to it’s own survival,

   has been programmed to think God forgot.


The unseen became more real than the seen;

   His Love filled every moment of time;

And, like the stripped kitty, I’m contentedly grateful...

   aware this kind of Love’s mine.



January 18th 2005
DA 3-6 + 11-26 20f2

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