OCT 11

Pre-DestinedDA 1-19 + 10-11


How can I prove that Iím really sorry;

   Stop doing the things that I did?


Repentance is more than just an emotion;

   Itís My way so you will live.


Are You saying that I can change myself?


Of course not; Iíve formed My creation.

   This does require an action by you;

Otherwise, itís just information.


What about the ones Iíve offended before?


You move on the ones that are here;

   This positive action will kill your pride;

Along with stopping all fear.


Thereís a lot of talk in My Church today

   about not giving in to the flesh;

Left to your strength, without My instruction,

   youíll continue your life in this mess.


Theyíve sadly confused this time in communion;

   Taking thought to uncover offences;

This remembrance: Rejoicing in who you are;

   Will cause you to tare down these fences.

The fact that youíre even asking Me this,

   lets Me know there is stimulation;

From My Spirit in you, responding to Me;

   And I answer with no hesitation. 


This should encourage and not condemn;

   Together weíre killing the flesh.

My plan for you will never change;

   To give you the very best.


I wonít tell you more than you can do;

   So offences wonít keep coming thru you.

In My plan for your life there are no ďwoesĒ;

   Thatís only for lords that wonít expose,

Their deepest hurts, that have kept them in prison;

   And deny with their choices that I have risen;

To meet all of their needs, which I long to do;

   So letís do this now with who Iíve made you.


You see, your offences were one of the bars;

   That kept them locked up not to see;

Now, Together Weíll walk in this great delight;

   And help them, as well, to get free.


Oh, offences will come; thatís the very Lieís nature;

   Iíve formed you to heal the wounds;

Itís a double healing for you and for them;

   And youíll see that very soon.


You just canít afford to walk with Me;

   And be so quickly offended;

This leaves a big hole only kings can fix;

   And his poison holds you suspended.


Then he takes the keys that I died to give you,

   To set the captives free;

This very great theft puts you back in jail;

   And separates you from Me.


As far as the ones that have since gone on;

   Donít worry, they will know;

When My Spirt leads, there is no time;

   Even past eternity grows.


You didnít know how much was at stake;

   To this seemingly little action;

Is it clearer now, this fight that Weíre in;

   That brings such great satisfaction? 


Iím so glad you came to ask of Me;

   So that I could tell you ďhow toĒ;

Did I not tell even more than you asked?

   Unawares, your priorities grew.


You didnít know this is how We fight;

   Not the way, Iím sure, that you thought;

Can you see why I said I need all of you;

   So the war that I won can be fought?


Iím now sitting here, with no excuses;

   In front of this wide open door;

And Iím very aware that my actions will prove;

   If Your love, I will still ignore.


Then, I remembered, a long time ago;

   A prophecy that I left alone;

He said, ďSatan desires to sift you like sand.Ē

   And I thought the guy should be stoned.


Everyone else got great swelling words;

   I thought, What is this that I hear?

Iíll just not admit that I felt so alone;

   But it left me in total fear.


I was going to ask what others thought;

   But I didnít know much then;

And only now, I remember the part;

   That You said at the very end.


So, thank-you, Lord, for seeing to this;

   Even when I couldnít hear;

The part at the end said, ďDonít be afraid;

   Iím praying for you, My dear.Ē


It probably wouldnít have meant as much then;

   To know You were praying for me;

What confidence now to know that You;

   Have set my destiny!!!


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