OCT 29

MemoriesDA 2-6 + 10-29 tp


How carefully we hold on to our past,

   in memory and in action;


Restoring our homes, retracing our steps,

   in search of some satisfaction....

Even revisiting where Jesus walked;

   Expressing great sorrow in all of our talk.


Has this been subtly engineered,

   with religion reigning supreme;

A way to make money for the Gospelís sake,

   while weíre merchandising the King?

Be careful your motives; The Gospel is free;

   Itís faith that brings riches, not subtlety


If He wants you to visit, Heíll tell you to move;

   Was He even asked or are you being used....

to keep Him bound and still in the grave;

   While you reign as lord and He stays decayed?

Well, that was then and this is now;

   Can we make Him alive today somehow?

With nothing happening with Him today;

   Without me hearing what He has to say;

I wonder, does this chain me to the past,

   and in action or memory keep me compassed.... 

With not letting Him be raised from the dead;

   and keeping me worshiping memory instead. 


Those familiar spirits, Iíve mentioned before,

   love to lure me back thru memoryís door;

What a clever way of complacency:

   to keep me bound with memory!


I can see this played out in so many ways;

   Even in the pain we had yesterday;


Or will I allow religionís actions

   demand that I suffer for itís satisfaction?


Would I ever think of confessing the sin,

     that the problem is still not believing Him;

For not expecting to manifest

   that He said I am perfect and can pass the test....


Of winning with all opposing lies,

   that are draining my strength

   and making me hide....

Back in the portholes of memoryís prison;

   Today laying dead; The Son has not risen!


Now, this could be the memory tomorrow;

   Or I could get mad and walk out of such sorrow,

and redeem the time to hear what Heís said:

   To turn this around and let memory lay dead.


The heat is turned up now because we are a threat;

   Well, he hasnít been able to kill us yet!


Will you get off that road and do business today;

   I have more  for you

 and much  more to say:

Iíd like to address this business of Sin;

   Thatís a good place to begin again;

In fact, itís imperative; The very foundation;

   Building on less has crumbled great nations.

So far, you have seen this only in theory;

   Otherwise you could rest and not be so weary. 


You start out to prove Me with your own strength;

   You do mighty works and go to great lengths;  

Do you think that your works can compare to Mine?


Look around at Creation and you might find....

   Iíve prepared this for you so that you might see:

How very important you are to Me!!!


Now, if you can believe that you canít be condemned,

   Weíll take this land together, My  friend;

But, donít take one step until you are persuaded:

   That I paid for you and this canít be negated!

Iíve created you to experience Me;

   But your doubt takes you back into memory,


Well, what stops the doubt and kills condemnation?

Each issue addressed with My explanation. 


Youíve learned enough to know the way;

   But un-submitted, you will go astray;     

This is wherein comes all of your doubt;

   Your foundation then crumbles from the inside out.

You ask Me to do what Iíve already done;

   You canít seem to believe that the victory is won.

Why donít you ask Me how to maintain,

   your body that houses Me?

You donít need healing; You need instruction,

   to protect you from continuing in



Oh, I will restore the parts that youíve damaged;

   Thatís part of My great design:

To pay for the curse to all My Creation

   and present My Life to mankind.

I do have a question that needs explanation:

   What if I fail and canít run?

Failure is never in My equation;

   The battle is already won.


Since I Am in you and you are in Me;

   Let Me instruct you to victory.

The issue is never condemnation;

   Itís: Will you allow My manifestation....

So you can grow up right here at My knee?

   This keeps you safe and glorifyís Me.


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