OCT 24

Stubborn Kings


A subtle persuasion released in the land

   that comes from the heart of pride;

Something that shows in all of our steps

   that weíre trying so hard to hide.


A ready answer is itsí M.O,

   that always contains great wisdom...

Sometimes humble; sometimes bold

   but not from our Kingsí great Kingdom.


So I ask myself this honest question:

   Where is the power in my life?

A king on their own can only produce

   some form of Satanic strife.


Look at the greater overview

   when people ask you, ďOh, what should I do?Ē

Have they really even taken the time

   to read His Word, their answers to find?


Or are you a convenient substitute?

   There hidden motive now comes into view:

Itís not God theyíre seeking; Itís really you!


They have the cart before the horse;

   But do you have it there as well?

Be very careful your contribution;

   You could open the gates of Hell.


Iím trying to recall if there is a reference

   of counseling done like this;

It seems the questions were more about doctrine

   or a challenge of truth to resist.


At least they knew what God had to say,

   however badly perverted;

The chances are slim, if this is allowed,

   that theyíll ever be converted.


Of course itís a Ďgivení that God wonít approve

   of women counseling men;

There is an order that God has ordained;

   Every question answered by Him.


People get trapped by Satan, of course,

   to keep living this life of complaints;

He has their answer in His Word;

   Donít help them stay weak and faint.


His power was always reserved for me,

   if Iíll just take my place in His plan;

Better ideas wonít work this time:DA 2-1 + 10-24 mdla

   Dynamite in a young childís hand!


I can stay on the fringe and just observe;

   Grow fatter in my misery

or get off the pot; throw the diaper away

   and walk out my destiny.


Is their sad song repeated day after day?

   Should I even be listening to all that they say?

His instruction to me is, ďRedeem the time

   because the days are evil.Ē

I can get trapped in their complex life

   thatís progressed to this great upheaval.


A fellowship thatís based on this

   becomes exceedingly hard to resist;

Because itís feeding what I tried to hide;

   Unhindered by order; itís root: Satanís pride.DA 2-1 + 10-24 mdlb


You really do know; You really have heard

   of the two-sided tree in the garden:

One side evil and one side good;

   Both designed, your heart to harden.


Time to check the fruit youíve produced,

   before the Great Inspector;

Only He can do this scrutiny,

   with His Grace Microscopic Projector.


I see this jar, full of rotten cream

   that was made from the fruit on that tree;

I turn around and take my place;

   This tree then becomes life to me.


All of the knowledge that I tried to do

   that was made from both sides of that tree;

In the hands of my Father; In the hands of my King;

   Has become anointing to me.


Iíve been being prepared for this special place;

   To sit on this throne thatís within;

We council together, decreeing His will,

   to usher His Kingdom in.


How could our Great King come to rule,

   with under kings playing the royal fool?


So, is it important to discover His way;

   and get in our place of order;

To ask every question you donít understand

   and not stay on the edge of the border?


Each domain has borders thatís your pleasant place;

   Donít stay outside looking in;

I wonít change My mind; Get prepared for this throne

Iíve prepared for the hearts of men!


 As sure as the planets circle the Sun,

   a reminder from Him to me,

My plan is not to get out of orbit;

   My plan is His victory!


DA 2-1 + 10-24 btm



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