SEP 29

         How Can I?


DA 7 + 9-29tp

How can I ever take dominion,

   If I donít even know Your plan?

How can I bow with gratitude,

   If I donít know who I am?


How could Your plan ever have been

   That Iíd fight The Lie with the sword of men?

With good ideas that are hard to ignore;

   Yet people still lying dead on my floor.


This army was joined, I think, out of frustration;

   You know, Why donít we go and enlist;

After all, they offer an education

   And the money is hard to resist.


Itís outrageous thinking to trade in this gun,

   When Iím facing the Enemyís tank;

A very true statement, in the way of this world:

   Power based on human strength!

So, Iíd say that the way thatís been chosen so far;

   Leaves much to be desired;

Itís become, Whoís the strongest with the greatest funds;

   Valued life burned alive in this fire.


Well then, letís try religion;

   That could be the way;

Yet, they all have something different to say!DA 7 + 9-29 b

If Heís waiting to set up His Kingdom on Earth,

   And Iím trying to take the land;

Iíd best stop assuming and find out what works

   So that I can understand...


Just what He meant, in this time of training,

   When He said Iím a son and an heir;

With power in my words to remove opposition;

   Is my choice, I really donít care!


In your strength, maybe seventy years;

   And with care, even thirty more;

What a very sobering thought, my friend;

   Not a long time to win Our war!


But Iím only a person; What can I do?

   Just ignore who you are; The Lie wants you to.

One thingís for sure, If I chose to ignore,

   My world will go on as it was before!


So I quietly observe and come to conclusions:

   ďItís not working too well in my life!Ē

That statement exposed what youíre really about:

   Great justification of strife!


My Word clearly states, If you have an offense,

   You bring it out in the light;

Your flesh says,í I canít; Iíve been too disappointed;Ē

   ďIt just isnít worth the fight!Ē


DA 7 + 9-29mdl

Religion says, Bury it deep in your heart;

   Your flesh loves to carry this cross;

The Lie is delighted to keep you there;

   Itís intention: Youíll suffer great loss!


It takes courage to admit the hurts inflected,

   As we run toward this prize;

Cowardly influence will always suggest:

   Find allies, then run and hide!


You will never endure the cross of exposure,

   Designed to let your way die,

If My plan for you, you really donít see;

   Your pride will make you hide.    

His Word speaks of order; of this weíre aware;

   We know what He has to say:

Provision from Him; Protection and love;

   As weíre learning to walk His way.


For a while, all is well and we love the attention;

   But donít dare not understand;

Our first accusation, though perhaps unsaid:

 ď Who are you but an insensitive man?Ē

DA 7 + 9-29 c


Exposed again! As your heart demands!

   Youíre not listening for God;

But the stroking of man!

This attitude has stopped your appointment;

   And gives you a life of great disappointment;

Itís time to grow-up and look in the mirror;

   That youíve avoided for so many years;

My intention for you is to change that reflection,

   As I wipe away all of your tears.


Yes, I will interfere with a lot of your pleasures,

   As Iím changing them into My Own;

If youíll just deal in truth about who you are;

   You wonít have to do this alone!


If thereís an instruction you feel you canít do;

   Donít call The Truth a lie;

Your efforts then shift; You move Heaven and Earth;

 So you can feel justified!


What a great deception!! You need to see:

   The Giftís not dependent on your accuracy!!


If I canít choose to go where is best for me;

   And walk as Heís opening my eyes to see;

At least Iím protected from Satanís attack;

   As Iím gaining courage and begin to act;

And stop pretending that I agree;

   When Iím fighting this road to victory.


Again exposed, as I conclude:

   That only the naked will win;DA 7 + 9-29btm

Then He swoops me up in His Royal Robe:

                                                 For My Eyes Only...Amen!!!  



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