JAN 17

   A VERY PRESENT DANGERDA 1-17 + 10-9 tp



There is a way that God has blessed

   and a way that He has cursed;

A sobering force, spoken from His mouth,

   that can never be reversed.


He swore by Himself and to His own hurt;

   He knew He would satisfy;

That blood must be shed to pay for Sin

   and our way to sanctify.


But, how do I practically walk this out,

   to be sure that I’m not offending,

A love like this that paid for me

   and has given me life unending?


There seems to be a million opinions;

   That have become confusing

But I know Your Spirit is living in me

   to keep me from abusing...


This way that will manifest every promise;

   Your “Blessed Way” You want me to see;

So that You and I can walk this road

   and win with Your victory.


What’s up right now is a controversy

   of authority and submission;

Some think it’s control; Some see it as order;

   But, never the less, a division.


I see a picture, perhaps a vision;

   As I take this before You, Lord:

Of a child that is born, yet not full grown,

   That thinks he’s ready to be on his own;

I see how tragically this plays out;

   As I look around in this life;

Weaker and weaker as they’re trying to walk

   In their magnificent might.


My question then, with the understanding

   that we are three-part beings:

Is why less tragic in the realm of the spirit,

   our training in Your way of seeing?

Only a child thinks that they can’t be fooled;

   Even though they’ve taken great care;

Temptations of life, that appeal to their flesh,

   make them totally unaware.


I know there’s a difference of opinion,

   that’s based upon Your Word;

That this isn’t discussed and reasoned together,

   to me, is completely absurd!


Fear that I won’t be able to do

   the thing that I chose that’s become greater than You;

That makes me fight and say, It’s o.k.

   and pretend You will justify me “my way”.

Would it not be easier just to say:

   I see this is what I have done?

I’m relying on you, Lord, to fix this now,

   so that we can walk as One.


Whatever it costs, Lord; Whatever it takes;

   My times are in Your Hands;

I’ll take advantage of all of Your helps

   so that I can understand...


The way that You have blessed and pre-paid,

   With nothing higher than You,

So that all that You are and all that You have

   will come fully into view.


Help me not to hold on to all the things

   that by my strength, I’ve established;

Even though I thought they all were from You;

   Keep molding me like You intended to do.


I never knew, when I became lord,

   that I would try molding You;

With opinions that line up with what I think,

   and “agreeing” about what You should do.


This division is not a casual thing;

   You do have something to say;

What I’m presenting to you then, Lord,

   In this, please show me Your Way.


 I won’t cut myself off from order that You

   have established in Your Word;

My question being: Should the submitted do

   every word that they have heard?

If they don’t agree this is what You are saying;

   What then should their actions be?

It doesn’t appear, when I look around,

   That there’ll ever be unity.


How did it work in the very beginning?

   It seems everyone just ‘showed up’;

Your Spirit appeared in a notable way

   with a pretty evident touch.


Well, how long now have we just ‘showed up’;

   The problem, of course, is not Yours;

But what needs to change in each one of us,

   to be in one accord?


You said, Yoked with You, the burden is light

   and heavy labor would cease;

When I look around, that’s not what I see;

   But, rather, unbelief!


It’s evident something needs to change

   to interrupt this way;

Left as is, we will all end up

   in absolute decay.


I can understand a different opinion;

   But I don’t understand why this brings division.

What You say about it, should end this strife;

   Unless each one here just has to be right.


Your Word has to be the deciding factor;

   You do have something to say;

I wonder, can we ever find this out

   before we go separate ways?


I really don’t know, but I’m besieging You

   to show each one what You’d have us do...

So that we can go on and take our place;

   I ask this for me and for Jesus sake.



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