JAN 23




Youíve met all your needsDA 1-23 + 10-15

   by you being lord;

Now youíre trying to

   meet Mine too. 

Is this not expecting

   My knee to bow

to the Me that youíve found in you?


My knee had to bow,

   when you sunk so low,

to pick you up out of the mire.

   But make no mistake,

rebellious child,

   you are not My heartís desire.


The directive I gave is:

   Delight yourself in the way

that I told you to go.

   Anything less is you being

My lord;

   Again, a crown of foolís gold.


Do you think that

   that kind of a heart can respond

to a love that wonít bow its knee?

   Wherein then, is trust

in that assumption,

   that makes you lord over Me?


So far has your search

   really been for Me?

Am I really your heartís desire?

   Do you let Me invade

your plans for today?

   Be careful! Youíre playing with fire!


Then you think, But is love

   perfected in fear?

Well, if thatís the cord that it strikes,

   youíre admitting then,

this is found in you

   and everything isnít alright.


Be very careful from this point on

   and donít call the Truth a lie.

The truth searched your heart

   and I wonít receive any part of your impudent cry.


Religious rules wonít work either;

   Thatís not what Iím all about.

Itís time to lay My axe to the root

   and kick this foolishness out!


Now straighten up;

   Do what I command;

I Am the Sacrifice.

   Your heartís in My hand;

Only I can mold.

   All else is sinking sand.


There is no mystery,

   to know this is right;

Iíve written it down

   in black and white.


Are you doing the things

   that Iíve instructed?

Oh, you think that youíre

   beyond this?

Well, think again,

   My rebellious child;

The treasure your way

   can be missed! 


Now, nail it!

   And, by the way,

hereís some nails

   that I saved for you

from My Cross.

   You must decide,

right here and now:

   Who is it thatís

going to be Boss?


Thereís only one Cross

   thatís anointed like this;

Itís One that you couldnít endure;

   So I went there for you

and, because of this,

   Iíve purchased your total cure.


But if you wonít do

   what Iím telling you,

for you, the solutionís not there.

   Now, donít even try

persuading Me;

   That I must not really care!


You are My dear child;

   But I wonít put up

with rebellion that tries to be Lord.

   Donít think that Iíll wink

or let this go by;

   This, I will never ignore!


I have treasures for you;

   But this does require

that I Am your total heartís desire.

Anything less and it

   wouldnít be free;

This love that we had in eternity.


You then, would have

   to make yourself young;

And then, thereís the clothes and food.

   Youíve been that road

and it doesnít work; Iím not going to let you loose.


Now, itís that kind of love

   that youíre trying to rule;

Iíve decided to not let you

   play ďthe foolĒ.


Oh, you can say, ďNoĒ;

   But not by Me.

My intention for you

   is that you will see:

All that My payment

   has laid up in store;

Ready to burst as I open

   The Door;


For My loving child

   that cries, ďAbba, FatherĒ,

Instructed right here at My knee;

   As I take your hand,

then youíll understand

   the mysteries that you see.


My mighty hand is

   upon your Todayís,

as you submit yourself

   to My order.

Your obedient walk

   will now grow very fast

because I have expanded your border.


Now, isnít this better

   to sit at My knee

and respond to My direction:

   A burden free walk

right now with Me,

   as your face shines

with My Reflection.


My love is timeless;

   There is no zone;

from the past to right now

   and beyond.

Your belief will keep growing

   as you say, ďYes,Ē to Me;

And, of course, I will surely respond.


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