JAN 30

DA 1-30 + 10-22Do You Really See The Real Jesus?

A gift received with gratitude;

   Is a gift that will never be abused

And gratitude will quickly leave;

   If this is a gift I donít believe.


The biggest kingdom Iíll ever win;

   Is the kingdom my King has put within;

Then, that will spread from within to without

   And our town will see what we are about:


Our Fatherís business, like our King foretold;

   As well as all the prophets of old;

Forever telling, in so many ways;

   So we will be with Him for all of our days;


First, as His son, with power to reign;

   As kings, our commission will multiply gain;

Could there be any other purpose in life;

   Than response to such a gift;

To know, in fact, that we were born

   For such a time as this?


As I step out, a day at a time;

   With this ever present on my mind;

How can I think I could ever lose?

   It becomes a matter of what I will choose:


Life or Death; Does this sound like Eve?

   Do you now understand how she was deceived?

Do you know who you are or will you keep trying;

   To attain to whatís freely given?

Whatís the point, then, for Jesus, the man, in dying;

   And then, again, to be risen?


After I have done all to stand;

   I wonder whoíll get the credit?

Will I even remember itís ďBy His right handĒ;

   Or that it was Him that said it?


Iím thinking that Joshua must have had this vision;

   To walk as a King and fulfill his commission;

Else, how could he really understand;

   That he was well able to take the land:


Like a wise man said, ďGreat reference pointsĒ;

   But letís not leave it there;


Iím thinking thereís more to winning this war;

   Like...A magnificent love affair.


How many walls have we sung down;

   With even technologyís great surround sound?


So, what am I doing here, in this land;

   Thatís full of giants and gross?

Certainly not to just survive;

   Which is the thinking of most!


The Baton has been passed to run the race;

   And subdue Satanís Kingdom before his face;

This durable plan that weíve been placed in;

   With Fatherís intention that we will win;

Without the knowledge that I am a son;

   Where does the song that Iíll sing come from?


Can you tell, I wonder, what sin really is?

   Iíve heard explanations of fruit;

Be careful your answer, you might be exposed;

   Few understand this root.


Ignorance of this has built many churches;

   Important foundation, Iíd say;


Then, how can I walk with confidence;

   And be sure that I know the way?


Without this answered, I suspect;

   You are on the road to religion;

And in your struggle to not be depressed;

   You try to create a vision.


There will be no song...Just emotional ďhighísĒ;

   Iíve observed this kind of foundation;

A powerless song that canít be maintained;

   In marriage or in a nation.


How can I possibly know my worth;

   The extent of His love for me;

If I donít even know the cost required

   And what the guarantee?

Or worse, if I canít even define;

   Why He did what He did

And why this is mine. 


From where then, will come this gratitude;

   That will make me want to please Him?DA 1-30 + 10-2202

Again, this question must be defined:

   What really, my friend, is sin?



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