JAN 28


   DA 1-28 + 10-20 a                                      

So many instructions

   I’ve been trying to walk,

In life, as pertaining to me.

   I find myself thinking,

Oh no, not this;

   Another analogy!


You say, come as a child;

   Come, sit on My lap.

Then, why, I wonder,

   Do I feel so trapped?


You said, Hate my life;

   You said, I must die.

I’m really trying to understand why.

   I thought You did this

So that I could live.

   I really thought that

That’s what you said.


I so understand that I don’t deserve

   All that you did for me;

But I need more than words

   Here, in this life

And clever analogies.


Did you pay for sin?

   Am I righteous or not?

Am I free from the law?

   Men tell me I’m not.DA 1-28 + 10-20 b


I thought I was free

   To walk in this “good”.

At least that’s the way

   That I understood...


Your good news that thrilled me;

   And favor unearned,

That was easy entreated,

   Not hard to discern.


You say, Come as a child

   With no inhibitions

And tell Me all of your fears.

   Your response to this way

Of truth is this:

   I will wipe away all of your tears


DA 1-28 + 10-20 cI’m wondering now

   If I can’t grow-up

With my feet planted here,

   in this earth.

Can maturity only come

   In Your arms,

In the land of original birth?


Is the “narrow gate”

   And the “needle’s eye”

Where only I am allowed,

   To sit on Your lap,

Without all my cares

   While You’re teaching

Your own dear child?


As You hold my hand

   And my fingers touch

The scars that remain for me,

   My confidence grows

And you send me back out

   With a little maturity.


You say, “Hurry back,

   And we’ll talk some more,

But leave your baggage

   Outside of My door.

My only interest

   Is seeing you

And the others you’ll love

   That will come in too.DA 1-28 + 10-20 d


Next visit, we’re laying

   On the soft green grass,

Looking in waters

   That are clearer than glass,

And You say, “From Me,

   Especially for you;

Our place of peace

   And security too.”


“You know the way;DA 1-28 + 10-20 e

   Your cry opened My door;

My ears always listening,

   And I’ll never ignore

Your need for Me,

   That I formed in you,

So you’ll know first-hand

   What I can do!”


You say, “This is your home,

   Right here, in My heart,

The actual place,

  That you got your start.


I saw you coming,

   Before you arrived;

The feast is ready,

   Come, sit at My side.


“I Am so sorry for all of the pain;

   DA 1-28 + 10-20 fBut you’re safe with Me now

And never again,

   Will I suffer your lose,

As I unfold My Heart

   And the power of My Cross

That secured your start.


As I watched you bent down

   With that terrible load,

You broke with the weight

   And your cry did explode

Right into My ears,

   And the door flew open.

As I picked up My child

   All battered and broken.”


The only thing that

   Made me let go

Is, I couldn’t carry the load.

   I never knew Your wisdom would rot,

Unless it was freshly told.


What an insult it is,

   To try to get in,

To present Your wisdom to You.

   To come as a child

And get free food,

   Is what You’ve been

leading me to.


This makes so much sense,

   I’m beginning to see,

A fresh portion each day,

   Is what’s waiting for me.

I never knew that yesterday’s portion,

   Must stop outside of Your Door.

Even though it’s from You,

   It’s rotten today,

Because a fresh portion

   Is always Your way.


“Now, your steps become sure,

   As I watch your growth,

Remembering  I said,

   About My Oath:

I swore by Myself,

   Because there’s no greater,

Reserved for you now

   And not sometime later.”


“So you go out and then,

   Hurry back in

To your green pastures with Me;

   Because you’ve decided,

My very dear child,

   This is where you want to be.”


 I sit at Your feet,

   Now, ready to hear,

Not able to carry all of my gear.

   I see, when You said

To train up a child,

   In the way that they should go,

You meant, here at home,

   In Your domain,

So that they could safely grow


   Then, go out mature,

With confidence knowing,

   Not left to the world

To form their growing.


I think, as I’m walking

   This road toward You,

Expecting to come to an ending,

   You surprise me again,

And I find that’s not true;

   The end has become My beginning!


So, thank you, My Lord,DA 1-28 + 10-20 g

   For hearing my cry

And sharing Your wisdom with me.

   Back home with You,

Unmerited Love

   And liquid security too.


DA 1-28 + 10-20 h


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