JAN 20

August 24, 2003



I was reading in Hebrews this morning, specifically Chapters Six and Seven, and writing down some notes: 


The ďpromiseĒ and the ďoathĒ (the two unchangeable or immutable things) were dependant on Jesus not dying.


Oh great!  So now He goes to the Cross!

I can see why the people following Him thought they had ďhad itĒ. 


But yet, donít my actions say that I think the same thing (even if I donít say it)? Isnít He asking me to walk as if He still lives...even if Iíve only been told He does? DA 1-20 + 10-12


So, how do I walk in His Kingdom?

   I mean, so Iíll know that I am?

And not just a good suggestion,

   That comes from the mouth of men.


I became a new creation,DA 1-20 + 10-12b

   Now Iíve come to this ďhandleless doorĒ.

It seems to be somewhat transparent;

   What I see, I just canít ignore. 


I glance at the ground

   And outside the door,

Thereís tumors and broken bones;

   Just a lot of decay, and one thingís for sure,

I donít want this to be home. 


Now what do I do?  I canít get in.

   Then I get mad; Iím no longer Sin!

This decay, I reason, is not for me;

   The singing and laughter is where I should be!


But the door remains closed

   And I noticed, next door;

Thereís a store that sells handles;

   So I suppose.......

This must be the way, so I go and buy;

   A great brass handle, that I will apply

To this transparent door, then Iíll walk right in;

   Because, after all, Iím no longer Sin.


On the way to the store,

   A man was sitting,

 Looking down at the ground in despair;

   But, I have a purpose; I must buy this handle;

So Iím not going to let myself care.

   After all, Iím not God; He could buy a handle;

His choices were that of a fool.

   When I get inside, Iíll mention his name,

And itís up to God what to do.


The brass handle was costly, with screws and all,

   Now Iím back at the door, as I try to install;

The big handle gets heavy, and my back is so sore,

   My frustration is rising, as I try to ignore,

The decay at my feet, thatís infecting me now,

   I feel total defeat; I just donít know how!

Thatís it; Iím done; Iíll never get in;

   Itís a fairytale Iíve been told by men!


Yet, I know a Definite Man of Perfection

   Has shown me this picture of me.

Then, I think, Is this it? Is this all that Youíll say?

   Iíll have to wait and see.....


Some time later, I hear a voice,

   Both gentle and severe;

I find myself asking, as I start writing;

   Please, give me ears to hear.


This man on the ground was in great despair,

   Because of your foolish choices;

My way is straight and plain to see;

   But you listen to other voices.

My words, you know, but not applied,

   Will always leave you on the outside.


The singing and laughing are My children that learned;

   Iíll really meet all of their needs.

The door has no handle; it swings in and out,

   So they can come in here with Me.


We sing and we laugh and I meet their needs,

   As My Kingdom within themís set free;

They go back out with infectious joy;

   And others come sit at My knee.


You did seek and I answered ; 

   You did knock and I opened,

All of My secrets to you.

   At the very last moment,

You turned to the store,

   To buy an entrance to My unlocked door.


So, go give your money,

   To where it is needed;

It isnít needed with Me.

   Come, let Me persuade you

Of what youíve been told,

   That My way is always free!


Again, as Iím writing, I find myself wondering,

   Why do You keep on speaking?

Then I ask, Will You bring to reality now,

   And donít let my life be just ďseekingĒ?


Iím still at the ďseekingĒ and the ďknockingĒ part.  His plan for me is to take me to the ďfindingĒ and the, ďCome on in!  The Door is open.Ē part. 


Iím increasingly aware that the self-righteous will never get in.  Of course, we all think itís the other guy that is because, after all, we know so much. 





There is a check list....but, if you donít want to know, donít ask because itís guaranteed: A Loving Father always answers!

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