DEC 11

The Man KindDA 3-21 + 12-11 1 of 2


All ďkindsĒ were created,

   in one of the beginnings,

     For a specific plan that gives purpose;

Then, Christ took upon Him

   the lineage of Abraham

     and Jesus was born to do service; 


He did not take upon on Him

   the nature of angels,

     but, rather, the person of man;

He showed clearly manís purpose,

   in all that He did;

     So, thatís the reason I can!


Do I have His power?

   Well, I came from His Seed;

     It was evidenced that God met all of His needs;


And He said that He

   made His Father mine;

     Then, took the time to clearly define...

         all that His Father will do for His sons:

           For the Love of us and His Holy One.


Why would He place me

   over His creation,

     with such a purpose as this,

         and not give to me that very same power

           as if His Love didnít exist?


Well, of course, He wouldnít;

   So, what am I seeking? 

     He said it should, first, be Him;

         so that He can give me all that is mine

           and walk free in His Garden again.


Well, where was His Garden? 

   Right here on this Earth;

     The actual place of my physical birth.


Then, when I decide

   to stop messing around

     and start walking in why I am here, 

         actual happenings are then released thru me

           that take on physical form for me to see.


As John was announcing:

   The King is coming;

     Like Elijah, one day will do; 

         Can it possibly be,

           Jesus can be to me: 

               A John and Elijah too? 


I think, Yes,

   when IĒm seeking the very Him,

     so that He can add to me

         all material things, like He said He would,

           so I wonít have to be....


chained to a system

   that can only fail;

     When believing Him,       

         lets me out of that jail.


From this place is birthed

   all worship and praise,

     as I see with my eyes, He has truly been raised

         and completed the reason that I am here;

           Where, then, is worry?

               What is there to fear? 


Nothing, of course, is what He said,

   with the gift of His righteousness,

     From what He alone did

         and gave it to me, absolutely free;

           Like a magnet, draws inheritance;

               Manifested to see. 


If this is true...

   coming straight from Heaven;

     Iíve been working for whatís already been given.


I wonder how Iíve been blocking this

   because I know what He said already exists;

     It isnít something that Heís left undone;

         But, I think it requires that We become one.


You know, like a marriage,

   between a man and his woman,

     so we both can anticipate;

         While He and I birth with expectation

           and, now, can navigate...


thru every storm that doubt has formed,

   (You see the power of belief?)

     Your eyes see the storm;

         Then, you must decide:

           To speak: Let His power be released!


I should realize, and long before now,

   with the freedom of choice that He gave,

     I can choose life or I can choose death;

         Either one will abundantly grow.


You really do know: 

   This is His presentation,

     thatís been put to your choice today;

         Why would He instruct that,

           if you donít the power

               to do what He has to say?


I put before you this day: Life and Death;

   Choose Life!!, His instruction to me;

He wouldnít present to me such a choice,

         if I had not, ability. 


The last part of Hebrews, Chapter Two;

   verses fourteen thru eighteen are clear;

     He literally destroyed the power that death had

         to hold me in bondage and fear.


So, now I can choose to do what He said

   and let Life reign in me today, instead;

     Satan canít kill me; My choices do that;

         Will I now choose Truth

           and let faith become fact?


I couldnít do that twenty years ago;

   But, that was then; This is now!

     Itís taken a while but Iíve come to conclusions,

         as Heís faithfully showing me how: 


To violently oppose Death thatís based on the Lie

   and let Lifeís desires be today justified!!!


February 18th, 2005DA 3-21 + 12-11 2 of 2


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