DEC 30

Unfinished Symphony:

  Depending on me!


DA 4-9+ 12-30 1of3

It was the darkest of days;

   It was the brightest of days;

Darkest, because of the shame;

   Brightest, because:

You gave me Your Name,

   above every name that is named.


One Event: Death and Life;

   Death for You and life for me;

One Event: Death or Life;

   Depending on what I see. 


If I respond,

   because I know what You did,

that gives me Your payment

   for Sin, instead.


This happened to Me on a definite day;

   It will happened to you

the very same way


You become re-created,

   (or “born again”),

the same way He did,

   when He paid for my Sin.


You have another event just ahead;

   Have we prepared or chose sleeping instead?

For me, will You be that thief in the night?

   Will I be the one on the rooftop in flight? 


You completed Your mission in three years and


   Then You closed the Book and gave me Your Staff;

Will it be many or just a few?

   Will I confidently walk, because I believed You...

and do all the things You said that I can...

   or take the fingers that are on my hand

to stick in my ears and cover my eyes

   continuing the same way to try to survive???


Did You reach Your hand into God’s Kingdom in Heaven

   and bring to Earth all that You did?

Did You seed who You are so that we, as Your son’s,

   can multiply that kind of bread? 


A fast moving system that’s built it’s own way;

   (one that has a life of it’s own)

has come out of hiding hilariously

   with the tares the enemy has sown. 


Will I say like the others: There’s giants in the land? 

   I will, if I don’t move on who You said I am.

And the outcome will be exactly the same,

   if I don’t stop playing this pretending game!


We stand before Him without any excuse;

   Each one should know why they’re here;

When this Earth is judged, you don’t really think

   that the results won’t be severe.


I know that you don’t ; You just refuse to see,

   Saying: “A God of Love wouldn’t do that to me.” 

You know you’d prefer life would stay the same,

   Yet, you have no solutions for all of the pain. 


He did His part and re-created me;

   Have you ever asked Him, Why?

So you can live in a Garden of Pain

   and pretend His death justified...


you being trapped in a system like this,

   as if His inheritance doesn’t exist;

And worse, tell others this is His plan;

   That should pretty much prove,

“I don’t know who I am!”


The things you just read ; He progressively said;

   thru many long days and long nights;

Then, I started to type what He said today,

   and He said , “Add this to your previous flight.”


DA 4-9+ 12-30 2of3I knew what HDA 4-9+ 12-30 3of3e meant and His anticipation,

   as His messenger presents for your consideration...



I hear a lot about, “What is my purpose?”

   (which makes the Me suspicious of me);

How could I possibly answer that question...

   until I see what He see’s? 


Today I was reading Isaiah, Sixty-one;

   (the part where He closed The Book),

He did the first part when He walked on the Earth;

   The second half “His purpose”  for each son?


It would take laying aside your developed career;

   It would take walking out of what’s given you fear;

It would take what you worked so hard to attain...

   to be laid at His feet and be free of that pain. 

Are each one of us, “Planting’s of the Lord”...

   that, to date, we have self-centeredly ignored?


I heard two of His daughters, the other day,

   discussing their love for tigers;

Sincerely expressing their desire to nurture

   Have our agenda’s pushed this into the future...


Or, perhaps, prevented it altogether;

   When  judgement comes, can His creation weather...

catastrophic events that will change forever...

   what we are suppose to possess...

to usher in these creatures we love

   into His Second Arc of Rest???                                           

He stopped reading in the last half of Sixty, verse two;

   Has the last half been appointed to me and to you?

I can only imagine the excitement of this...

   with each eye seeing that reason to exist. 


Talk about corporate unity; Talk about power in synergy!

   If we knew we were called to that kind of life,

laying aside “all weights” would be our delight!


Well, what do you think this chapter is saying?

   I sincerely would like to hear;

I”m no authority on future events;

   Do you think it is dangerously near? 


Am I prepared? Is there oil in my lamp?

   Could we be the ones that meet “outside the camp”...

to leave all systems that like being blind;

   Is this our purpose: His ‘Hid’ Treasure to find? 


I started to close, then He said to me:


Write and read this, There’ll be answers to see!


I said, O.k., Lord, when should this be?


He said: Next Sunday; It was I made this plan;

     (But, I do appreciate all of your hands)!    




March 27th, 2005


So here we are on Your Day Resurrected,

   with more questions than answers, I fear

But, nevertheless, here we are, Lord,

   Your children, waiting to Hear.


My children, the past is all fertilizer;

   If you will accept this, I will raise you higher! 


If each one will listen...share each part that they see:

   This will bring in My unity! 


I will literally walk around this room

   and speak thru each righteous one here.


Don’t hesitate; Each word is important...

   that the others are waiting to hear! 


Not one is left out and I will add to your number;

   As I Am blessing you, you will bless one another!


You’ve come close to this day a number of times;

   I’ve been watching your struggle and I’m delighted to find:


You wouldn’t give up thru great opposition;

   I will instruct you into My Position!!!


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