DEC 18

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Again; Two Sets of Eyes


I saw a picture, some years ago

   that really helped thru the years;

So I would know where to Ďplug-iní

   to all that came into my ears;


Iíll pass it along in the hope that it will,

   clarify to you;

The steps that weíre taking,

   here, on this Earth:

Lighted paths, with His power, the view.


I saw and I heard a force of Light,

   with no beginning or end;

Itís name is ĎHis Wayí; Itís perfectly free;

   Itís the way to and of The I AM;


Because of itís being, an oppositeís true;

   That force has been cursed;

Itís eternal too!


I had heard and still hear: God is cursing men;

   Yet, I knew that wasnít the Nature of Him; When He showed me this, whatever men say;

   Itís they thatís decided to walk that Cursed Way.      


He said, Heís The Way; He said Heís The Truth;

He also said, Heís The Light;

   Thatís the way thatís been blessed

and never will change;

   Thatís the paid way for manís delight!


So, how do I walk there all of the time?

   Find out what He said His Way is;

Because all of your choices are for one or the other;

   Both really do exist.


If you donít believe that, then whatís your explanation?

   And is there trouble approaching Him?

I would think that to be true with your kind of view;

   Workís righteousness wins again.


He did austerely judge the Lie:

   That His Cross alone did not justified;

Then, we try to approach Him with ďgoodnessĒ like ours:

   Inheritance lies dead; not multiplied

   like the stars.


He said to Abraham, Get ye up from that land

   and, come and follow Me;

Abraham responded and became His son,

   with inheritance that was free.


Would He offer me less?  I donít think so;

   But, it is imperative that I know:

The vision that my Father had in mind,

   that will free me from a system thatís blind.


Iím not yet there, to walk in His Kingdom;

   That makes it none the less true;

Why would He show us, when here on this earth,

   and not want us to live that way too?


If we have settled, itís not us that He cursed;

   But, rather, under His protection;

Would not storing up, because of our trust,

   finally, manifest our perfection...


A perfection that comes from only One source,

   because Iím an heir that is free,

to see what He saw; to walk in His realm

   and fulfil my destiny? 


Come to Me and buy and sell,

   without any cost, He said;

Do what I did and hold it up;

   Let Me multiply your bread.


Will my thinking change or will fear hold me captive...

   like that day so long ago,

when He led them out with signs and wonders

   to show them, they could trust, even thou

The Lieís mouth had challenged

   and told them that they

would die in that desert the very same way...

   that it speaks to us and we decide

to work for what He has paid for and died.


But, He didnít stay dead, He rose again,

   so He could be resurrected in me

and I could experience what Jesus said:

   My inheritance is perfectly free.


But, I have never been taken care of that way;

   to multiply bread; to not have to pay. 

Yet, is that a reason to not believe Him? 

   I donít think so, if I want to win.


I know I wonít go there, if Iím not persuaded

   that this, He said, for me;

But I canít find a reason that He would have done that,

   if He didnít want me to see:


Thereís a better way; A place to live;

   Thatís a way of my destiny.

He did this on Earth; not in Heaven;

   But itís easier for me to say:

That must have been His intention for me

   to wait Ďtill Iím there one day.


Where is the faith in my Comfort Vision;

   Why did He even make that provision?

Letís, instead, get them saved,

   then, explain away why this worked for Jesus;

   but itís not for today!!!


Yet, I just read, If youíll hear what I say,

   donít harden your heart for one more day.

Thatís paraphrased, but the meaningís in place;

   What have we taught the human race? 


Lord, help me to leave that comfort zone;

   walking with You and never alone

to get to the place of my destiny

   and walk in Your realm with the You in me. 


February 26th, 2005

Birthed from:

   The Evidence of Our Belief lesson #14

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