A New Heaven and EarthDA 3-14 + 12-4 1 of 2


A new Heaven and Earth should be clearly defined

   but we read so casually, most of the time;

It’s for sure in His payment, freely given to you;

   Does that mean there’s nothing that I have to do?


He says, My feet walking, right here on this Earth;

   gives His power an authority to then be birthed.

When I ‘bind’ and I ‘loose’, the way that He said;

   Then, refuse involvement, does His power lay dead?


I don’t like thinking, with each choice of mine,

   that I re-crucify, with these moments of time

and never allow there to be resurrection;

   But, expect instead, He’ll take my directive.


Then, I keep expecting He’ll do my decrees;

   What kind of a monster have I created in me? 

The Lie reigns king as I try to explain

   to others that ask me why I still have pain. 


Wisdom would say, with what she has observed,

   You’re a walking epistle, in spite of your words.

We can all blame this on Satan’s attack,

   which, in part, is really true;

But, not the way you are talking about;

   Un-used authority he’s taking from you.


It’s long overdue for me to examine

   what my feet are standing upon;

Did I just ‘assume’ from what I have heard? 

   But my life says that something is wrong.


I’m not talking ‘fruits’; I’m talking ‘root’;

   The fruit automatically grows;

All of the fruit that I have produced,

   I’ve noticed I have to maintain;

Then I kill myself with this endless task

   that keeps reproducing my pain.


*I just read a free paper about a ‘Hid Treasure’;

   (I think, well hidden from me)

Not because God designed it to not be seen;

   But not valued because it is free. 


Seek ye first the domain of God;

   (I didn’t see this was a field)

But now I see, in parable,

   His gift righteousness is revealed.


With inherited root, on the inside of me;

   the ‘things’ will be added perfectly free;

This gives further insight to what I am doing

   about what I am ‘binding’ and what I am ‘loosing’. 


I bound and I loosed on that foundation;

   The root gave immediate birth....

to fruits that evidence all that He is;

   The new Heaven then fruited the new Earth.


It seems to be so much in creation

   to copy its’ Creator;

Well, look around you, what I see growing

   Is an alien invasion.


We’ve forgotten the root and have set our coarse

   to copy God and try to enforce

all of the words that He said (and they’re true)

   But, I ask you, friend, is this working for you?


Or are you, in fact, working the system?

   I mean by that: The world’s way;

Then tell me how there is a difference;

   Doesn’t your increase come the same way?


And then, when you get it, it’s never enough;

   So you hang on tight to all of your stuff;

Your body screams, “I can’t keep up this pace;

   I have to get out of this awful rat’s race.” 


You both decide that you will retire;

   Well, good luck, if you’re counting on this,

because, in that system, there won’t be enough

   for you to hardly exist. 


Perhaps not with all, but they had only one mission:

   Get all that you they ‘worked’ the system.

But that doesn’t really apply to you;

   Religion had limits on what you could do;


Well, neither one works; The Lie can’t prevail;

   It’s designed to die because God’s Truth can’t fail;

So, it’s worth being wrong, in all that you thought;

   Good fertilizer for your tree,

when your labor’s not less than reminding yourself:

   DA 3-14 + 12-4 2 of 2 His supply to you is free.


You will be challenged more than ever before;

   But, at least, your suffering will be...

for gift-righteousness sake, while totally free

   of religious activity. 




February 3rd, 2005

   Birth from:

     *The Hid Treasure–The Sure Foundation

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