DEC 20

DA 3-30 + 12-20 1of 4     Where Do I Begin?


I know what peace looks like;

   That just makes me smart;

To receive by inheritance;

   Where do I start?      


Where I am now,

   canít be His Kingdomís way;

My lordship has let my body decay.


My spirit abdicated

   and crowned my soul king;

Like a wife-ruled husband;

   An abominable thing!


It reproduces, to our chagrin:

   Women with women and men with men;

And, if not physically gratified;

   Thereís another control

that will be satisfied. 


But, grace will not interfere with choiceí

   Even thou His fruitís clearly defined;

Unless Iím persuaded, this too will be Ďworksí;

   Which Iím doing, most of the time. 


If Iím going to leave one place for another;

   before I can start to go,

I must be convinced that You said this, Lord;

   when my soul and my body say, NO!


Yet, Iím thinking itís me

   that gave them that right;

Iíd best prepare for some kind of a fight!


How do I prepare for a battle like this?

   How do I take control back?

Itís two against one and it can be seen;

   I do, indeed, suffer lack. 


These things in all, do clearly show;

   Itís how to change them that I want to know. 

Itís more than evident, with honesty,

   I donít have what Jesus paid for, for me.


I didnít know that a Kingdom of Grace,

   could keep me in a dangerous place;

And yet, this makes a strange kind of sense;DA 3-30 + 12-20 2 of 4

   By design, I donít think that was His intent.


Itís who I allowed to be complacent;

   In my spirit, I really knew,

I was living in less

   than what You had shown

that I should be able to do.


My soul so wants to stay in this place

   of swelling words and emotion: 

Like a wife that will turn herself inside out,

   to hold captive her husbandís devotion.


It seemed so Ďrightí,

   until You rocked the boat;

Now I have to find out

   what Youíre talking about. 


Looks like an angry sea to me;

   One I donít think that I can float;

I canít yet walk on top of the water;

   Should I stay in or get out of the boat? 


I can imagine, with that last statement;

   All have an analogy;

But, Iím going to hear what Heís saying to me,

   before I walk any Seas.


Iíve calmed a few storms, to keep me alive

   So I can respond to you;

I want to see where Iím going,

   with inheritance flowing;

So I can hear what to do.


Now I can see, when I hold up the bread,

   it wonít bless my body...

unless believing You said:

   Itís sanctified and it comes from Me!

But, I just charged my food

   on the Visa, you see.


Yet, You said, Test Me now

   and see if Iíll not open,    

to pour out My blessing on you;

   The likes of which, you cannot contain,

is what I would love to do! 


Without understanding, this surely wonít be;

   But, Iím listening, Lord, right here at Your knee...


I remembered You said, a long time ago,

   in an *utterance that You gave to me,

Come freely in; Go freely out;

   My green pastured inheritance, youíll see.


How do I develop integrity

   in a system that canít possibly set me free?


What is the plan:  Honor among thieves? 

   That isnít a plan that God has conceived!


Oh, just let your light shine and theyíll turn around;

   To what?  To this way that you claim to have found?


I think they are thinking, If Iíll end up like you;

   Iíll take my chances and see what I can do;

You tell me all that Jesus said,

   But,  most of the time, itís just something youíve read. 


Perhaps there is more honor among thieves;

   At lease theyíre more honest about unbelief. 


The only point Iím trying to make:

   Are we too afraid to examine mistakes? 

Is there an outside possibility,

   that there could be something that I have not yet seen?


I donít think His Truth cannot pass the test;

   I suspect that itís me; I trust more my rest.

So, if I look into what I just *read;

   and apply it all to me;

Then, I should come out with a clearer view

   of what He wants me to see.


I get a picture, when I view myself

   and all others that I observe;

We look like that group from the Civil War;

   missing legs; bandaged heads;              

Thatís absurd!

   Itís time to face facts; Weíre losing the war;

Now is not the time to ignore;

   But, rather, go on and, at least, to see,

The truth about inherited righteousness to me!



                 Grace           or       Inheritance                                                 


Birthed from:

*The Evidence of Our Belief lesson #14 and *Analogies or Realitie

 March 1st,2005

DA 3-30 + 12-20 3 of 4DA 3-30 + 12-20 4 of 4


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