FEB 14



How many ways have you dissected this thing;

To bring into existence the way of The King?


What is my purpose? DA 2-14 + 11-06

   Why am I here? 

What are my gifts? 

   Why do I fear?  

Iíll get more council,

   then Iíll understand;

How much I am needed

   by God for His plan!


Well, great disappointment

   lies in store for you;

By your refusal to do

  what He told you to.


The desire in the beginning

   that led you to Him;

You know in your heart

   has become very dim.


But, I canít do

   what He told me to!

He never expected you could:

   Instead of making

the instruction wrong:

   What about asking Him

if He would.....

   Show you Himself

and reveal to you:

   All Heaven is waiting

and itís His power that can do...

   Every step and every plan,

that He has put into the heart of man.


Because, when you hear

   that He already has;

Youíll start falling in love

   and stop being so mad.


Do you really want to discover your heart?

For what purpose, I wonder;

   Is it so you can start....

to do the small thing

   that He told you to;

Or so you can go on

   in the way of the fool?


The desire you once felt, burning strong inside;

with self-centered power,

   has turned into pride.


With this attitude,

   you should be afraid;

But, ďLoveís not made perfect

   in fearĒ,

That fearís the beginning

   of wisdom in you;

And has been, all of these years.


Youíve heard, weíre surrounded by many witnesses;

Put here for us to see,

   some of the ways,

revealing Godís heart,

   for us with His victory


David, weíre told

   had the same desire;

To discover Godís heart,

   So when he retired,

alone on the mountain,

   tending the sheep, with lions and bears interrupting his sleep

   He called out to God,

and He was there;

   with His power released

to prove that He cared.


Yet, the step David did is what he was told:

Go to the mountain and tend

   the sheep fold.


A simple step,

   then the next revealed:

The uncircumcised Philistine

   slain in the field.

If you need more proof,

   read Hebrews Eleven;

This is the way

   they opened up Heaven.


So, it isnít your heart

   you need to discover;

But, rather, Godís heart

   so that you can recover;

all of the promises He has proclaimed....

And prove that your hearts

   are the very same.


Great expectations;

   all of which are true,

start with one simple step

   that you say, ďI canít doĒ.

Well, get some help;

   The real purpose: The test;

Not self introspection

   to build up the flesh!


Whatís wrong is your heart

   and your self-centered way;

Oh, you choose your words wisely in all that you say;

But most of the time,

   your hopes very dim;

Your expectation is not to win.


Maybe later, we think,

   in the great by and by;

Godís answer to that:

   Youíve believe The Lie;

Not even the lie from

   Adam and Eve;

This oneís from Religion,

   that has greatly deceived;

And ravished your spirit

   so that you wonít go on....

To do all of Godís heart

   and be where you belong:


Him walking thru you,

   right here on this earth;

Resisting your way

   so that He can be birthed.


ďToo big a jobĒ; ďI canít say, YesĒ;

   Well then, foolish child,

you just failed the test!

   Is that one step so hard,

youíll forsake meeting Him?

   ďI donít know what step

or where to begin.


Thatís the first step:

   To admit you donít know;

Now ask the next step and get ready to go....

On exciting steps of discovery  

   of whatís in store for you and me;


Leave the failures and condemnations behind;

The experiences of Him

   will change your mind.


The reason he said to ďtrain up a child....Ē,

Therein is the need for instruction: To short-cut the road

that you have been on

   and stop this way of destruction.


We hate to submit ourselves

   to Godís order;

After all, I am an adult;

   All the more reason

for you to submit

   and start getting Godís results.


Well, you have to prove

   that is Godís way;

No.... you already did that;

   So letís stop this foolish resistance of pride;

   Your choices have now

become fact:


ďHear counsel and receive instruction;

That thou may be wise

   in thy latter end.Ē

Says Proverbs Nineteen

   verses twenty and one;

Could this be the step

   to begin?


Iíve heard ďextreme wasteĒ;

   Well, donít be the waster;

Or worse, donít let Satan

   waste you;

This procrastinationís

   a serious choice,

when you really do know

   what to do.


Thereís critical sharpness

   in your tongue toward others,

as you establish yourself as king;

   or sometimes a self- love

that has already decided

   to just not say anything.


Would it not be easier

   to just submit,

with ďorderĒ as King in your life?

   Could this be the reason

you keep giving birth

   to the enemyís child

thatís named ďStrifeĒ?


So, donít keep saying,

   ďI donít know what to do.Ē

You know, youíve decided

   you donít want to.

To stay in this place

   of rebellionís insane;

That is the place that

   youíve proven brings pain.


Just one step; Is it really that hard,

   when you consider the decay

that you will discard?

   I hope that is isnít

because, I love you;




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