FEB 25

DA 2-25 + 11-17 1OF202



Offences Solution






Itís a serious thing to not forgive...

   from your heart,

which will produce action;

Since Jesus payment did that for you;

   where then is The Crossí satisfaction?


Have I been offended?

   Yes; Many times;

But, I canít just change my heart.

   I can and I did when I paid for you;

Donít you think that itís time that you start...

   allowing My Love to become

so much greater

   and gain that brother for me?

How many times, then must I forgive

   such obvious travesty?


You wonít suffer the wrong;

   You have a limit;

I didnít with you,

   so you must forgive it.


Donít let the truths

   Iíve revealed to you,

make you high-minded

   in all that you do.


If your choice could be rather,

   to suffer the wrong,

(exactly what I did for you)

   your power to believe

would swing open all doors

   so My treasury will flow unto you.


Alright! Iíll for give it!

   Are those just words?

Did you follow My plan,

   that I know you have heard?


Did you go to the brother

   that offended you;

follow My instructions

   that I wrote to do?

And, if he wonít hear you,

   take another...

All for the purpose

   of gaining your brother?


Where do you think

   Satanís great bonfire

gets the wood

   to keep feeding the flame?

Why do you think

   these offences keep raging?

Yet, you say

   you are not to blame.


My simple instruction

   would put out the fire;

In the process, your heart

   will be changed;

Instead, your body

   is greatly re-acting and itís you

that is suffering the pain.


Are these the steps, Lord,

   that I didnít apply,

thinking instead

   that I could deny...

the wise things you wrote

   so that Iíd be protected;

Yet, being afraid

   it would be detected

that I have refused

   to do what You sayí

Thinking I have

   a much better way.


Well, you know what? I donít!

   Please help me today

not put logs on the fire

   and do Ďhowí You say.            


If a statement is made,

   or even an action,

thatís offensive to me

   and I want satisfaction;

What if, instead,

   I addressed the issue

alone, with the one that offended?

   Would this put out the fire

before it got raging?

   Would, in fact, this strife

now be ended? 


Reading in Matthew, Chapter Eighteen,

   Your plan becomes clear to me;

Thank-you, Father;

   Youíve provided a way

to stop Satanís tragedy.                    


 And, not only that,

   much more than I asked;

More than even I thought;

   In the process of walking

the Ďhowí of instruction,

   I know I just proved

Iíve been bought.


Is this a rule and regulation,

   I hear Satan scream in my ear.

No! A perfect law of liberty

   thatís giving him much to fear!


Cutting the chains

   to The Winged White Horse,

Iím thinking, is very great pleasure;

   That horse is me; that horse is you;





Ready for the flight of our treasure!!!                                                              December 27th, 2005  


     DA 2-25 + 11-17 2oF202                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

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