FEB 16

DA 2-14 + 11-06 tp


Loveís Voice



I have been loved

   with a love supernatural;

I have been loved

   with a love that reveals...

all that ever Jesus said:

   With a love that totally heals.


The opposer of Love

   will try to persuade me

that all that Love said

   is not true;

Yet, dwelling inside me,

   in the place that Love chose,

Iíve in so many ways abused.


What if all of my choices

   were this:

All opposing forces, I will resist;


And, like Love said:

   Take authority;

So that Loveís power revealed

   can rescue me;


To let Love do

   what it does so well:

Keep every promise

   and send doubt to Hell.


All that dwells in me

   does not dwell in The Lie;

Release Loveís power;

   Or let The Liar defy.....


The truth of The Cross

   and my life resurrected

from death to Loveís life

   at great cost.


Dwelling in me,

   In this Holy spot,

is everything the Liar is not.


So, who is the greater, I ask myself.

   The answer, I understand;

But when Iím attacked, will I rationalize,

   or stop... and do who I am?


This takes some time,

   to think with Loveís mind;

It might interfere with my plans;

   So I walk along, in my familiar way,

while The Liar takes over my land.


Iíve been trying this out,

   what weíre talking about;

Thinking with the mind thatís set free

   from believing that every attack,

I canít win, with Loveís pre-paid victory.


This gives new light to expressions used:

   ďThis person is really brain deadĒ;

Yet, as long as I let The Liar abuse,

   Heíll continue in what he has said.


DA 2-14 + 11-06mdl

If it doesnít make me outrageously angry,

   every time Loveís Truth is opposed,

Then I can be sure that Iím double minded

   and Love is there to expose....


Every diabolical compromise,

   thatís taken up residence in me;

So that I wonít remember, Loveís Truth                                                 only sees:

   Jesus complete victory!


I almost start to ask of Love;

   ďHelp me do this now; TodayĒ;

Then I sensed Loveís righteous indignation

   to that ďfamiliarĒ way.


Thatís just an excuse, so you can put off

   what you know is already won;

Iíve completely defeated Loveís opposition;

   My part of the battle is done!


It remains to be seen;

   if youíll stop your complaining

and do what Love demands:

   To resist that Liar with a radical force;

Thus, prove Our Love will stand......

   the test of each day in all that we say;

{So that you will be persuaded }

   What Love said is true in all that We do;

This stops Love being invaded.


Youíve seen with your eyes,

   when youíve thought with My mind;

{Weíve walked so long together}

   Youíve developed your way,

on what you think love is;

   You havenít chosen the better!


If Love wonít produce every promise of mine;

   Then, youíre walking your way;

Youíve let Love remain blind.


Iíve kindled Loveís fire within your stomach

   that wants to be reproduced;

If this isnít there; If thereís compliancy;

   My child, you are being seduced!


Then, what can I do to stop this mis-use

   of Loveís so perfect way?


Demand The Lie leave;

   Wholeness will proceed

with what I have had to say!


This may take an hour; A week or longer;

   Youíre proving now; Who is the stronger!

You may have to ask for the help of others;

   Put corporate power into play;

Be careful your choices; This isnít a game;

   Be sure your minds are the same.


Have you had enough of your foolish plan;

   Determined youíll fight Ďtill you win;

To bring into existence what Iíve had to say

   And prove that I have paid for Sin?


Youíve studied enough to know youíre                                               approved;

   When it comes to fighting, you usually                                                    lose!


This road put you on the loop of survival;

   You canít take the time today;

To chase off the vultures of opposition

   and manifest Loveís way.


I havenít asked you to walk down a road

   that I havenít already won;

But Iíve watched you regress to this                                     thinking of yours;

   That wonít interrupt your ďfunĒ.


This is what I meant by ďdiscipline;Ē

   Instant in and out of season;

Determination to decide to win;

   With My Mind and not your reason!


All that is left is for you to decide

   to test Me now and I wonít hide...

what Iíve already done to insure Our way;DA 2-14 + 11-0602


Prove Me Now!

  Is what My Love has to say.



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