FEB 23



The Lie that sin is, should not be able

   to control or dominate me,

because the Law that says:

   I must do or Iíll die,

is already paid, I read.


Am I sitting in a prison

  that has no walls?

Whatís standing is only a Door?

  Then, thereís nothing that I shouldnít be able to do.

   So, What am I sitting here for?


The Majestic handleless Door,

   will open at my call...

Yet, I sit inside until I see,

  all that Iíve asked in front of me;

Therefore, I see nothing at all.


I have a document stating,

   that I am divorced from me;

Itís also written for me to see,

   that I am totally free;

Because Iím no longer one

   with that other controlling old man;

It states right here that I am free

   to be married to who I Am. 


As I sit and think about what is right, You show me a story beyond my sight:


Iím sitting in prison,

   yelling out through the Door,

all of the words

  that Youíve heard before;


If I donít stand to my feet

   and join You outside,

Iíll stay in this prison

   until the day that I die.


But, Iím already dead

   and I donít have to wait;

Then, join Me outside

   or youíll never escape.


How can I be presented to You?

   Donít I first have to clean up my act?

Do you want to stay there

   and embalm the dead man?

I already took care of that.


Donít ever believe Religionís lies

   that keep telling you that

you are not justified...                  


Or worse, that the power of My Love

   wonít transform

My beautiful bride that theyíve

   ravished and torn.DA 2-23 + 11-15 1of2


Stand up!  Get your new butt

   up off from that floor;

Come here to Me!

   Walk right through that Door


and I will show you

   what Love has done;

Weíll bring forth the fruit

   of The Holy One!


You think I mean Me;

   But Iím speaking of you;

What Loveís power has done

   and will continue to do.


Every time I catch a glimpse of

   Your vision,

that You have done for me,

   Thereís always a voice to remind me of my responsibility.


The only response that I want you

   to see,

Is Us walking in My ability.                


I really will come inside of you,

   so that youíll know you are divorced;

More real than that dead man          

   ever experienced,

in your past actions of intercourse.


This will get all kinds of re-action

   from the oneís that are still in prison;

But, not you, My love, because

   I know you believe

that a new creation has risen.


The oneís that are talking,

   that are in the next stall,

canít see with your eyes

   that thereís really no wall.


Theyíll try to get you

   to mourn the dead man;

But you come with me

   and I, too, know you can.


My intent for them,

   as soon as theyíll hear,

is to come out with Me,

   where there are no things to fear.


They donít know how

   to receive such a gift:

That they already are new creations;

   Their demands are: Thereís fruit

or itís really not true;

   A high form of great condemnation! 


Oh, We will have fruit;

   coming directly from Me;DA 2-23 + 11-15 2of2

A fact that their working

   wonít let them see.


So they try to keep you

   in prison with them

and pervert My Words

   to the demands of men.


Block your ears, My love

   to all that they say;

Itís time to get on with

   Our wedding day.


As you throw the bouquet,

   perhaps one will catch it;

But you leave that outcome to Me;

Your only reminder to anyone else;

   Is that Iíve made them completely free!                                                            

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