LET’S DISCUSS OUR DESTINY                 

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This isn’t a matter of not being free;            

   Or a matter of Sin not paid for;

It’s a matter of walking worthy of The One...

   that valued you and made you God’s son.


Another world then comes into existence;

   not the physical world that we see;

This other world, of which you’re a part,

   is your birth-rite; your destiny.  


Not just when you die, to be with Him;

   Right here; right now to usher in...

The King of all kings and The Lord of all lords...

   that will return again, like He did before.


But, this time, the Scriptures say of Him,

   He will return with Sin paid for...

in His Kingdom for men. 


For, if you walk worthy of your price,

   your total emphasis will change;

You would be thinking, “What can I do...

   to represent His Name...


of which I’m a part; a family”;

   “How can I help so that all men can see...

They don’t have to die; That was The Lie;

   The last enemy, Death, has been justified.”


“That thinking’s outrageous!” 


Not in His Domain; He proved that,

   when He walked on this earth;

You should be thinking the very same;

   You received His mind at new birth.


Did He stop Death, itself,

   when He called Lazarus forth?

Did He raise many from Death,

   as He walked and enforced...


His Kingdom, of which, he made us a part? 

   This Treasure’s been buried deep in your heart.


What do you think? Will you let this surface...

   and change “works” into its true form? 

I’ll do Jesus service; This is my purpose;

   Our agreement before I was born. 


Then, your “work” and “labor” of love,

   has a goal not to accumulate;

You won’t just give all your goods away,

   without knowing your destiny’s fate. 



Life takes on then, a reason for living;

   Life takes on then, a reason for giving;

Life becomes superior to Death, itself;

   Life doesn’t have time to be put on “the shelf”...

and accumulate the dust of despair;

   There’s excitement in resurrection;

Life walks in it’s place of perpetual rest;

   This is Life’s confident perfection. 


Is there still time to alter your course? 

   Absolutely; Instantly;

What there isn’t time for is further remorse...

   in postponing your destiny!


You have all that you need, inside of you;

   Your spirit is waiting for orders...

to end the Death, you’ve been walking in;

   Life is ready to go on and win.


All your evaluations will change

   and your emphasis will be:                     







Sept. 19th, 2005

I Thess; Hebrews; The Gospels



                                                                                       Hope, Gentleness.Wholeness, Faith        


                                                 Love Joy Peace Security,Prosperity

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