APR 13

Baptized Into What?



Jesus was baptized and confirmed of God;

   He stated: You are My Son;

This (notable day) Iíve begotten Thee;

   You are My Holy One! 


On the backside of wilderness, Satan appeared;

   Quoting what God said, into His Ears;

Forty days and nights Jesus would ignore,

   the food His body was screaming for. 


His Spirit was feeding on His Fatherís Words;

   His desire became One with all that He heard;

Satan offered Him, in a moment of time,

   all of The Kingdomís, He said: Are mine! 


Again, stating truth, because it is so;

   The Kingdoms of this World are his to grow!

Therefore, my decision: Who is the greater:

   Jesus or Satan...And, which incubator

have I been in, to further which power:   

   Jesus or Satanís for this final hour?                        


This isnít some kind of analogy;

   Definite things were offered for me to see;

First, to change Godís order was what was said:

   Change the molecular structure of bread!


And, not only that: Make God serve You;

   If Heís really your Father, this is what He should do!

The second approach, along the same line:

   Donít be His Son, Iíll change moments of time...


So You can have instant gratification;

   You donít have to wait to be head of my nation!

Satan challenging all ways what he couldnít be:

   A Son trusting a Father for his destiny.


Surely, he said, At least Heíll do that;

   Make Him do it Your way; 

After all, He promised Heís take care of You;

   You decide; It will be today!


Do you see any similarities?

   If you donít, you may already be dead;

The thing that I noticed, when applied to me:

   I try to change what He said!


Do I know how to walk this out? 

   A few things, Heís shown to me;

But, I have this now for a yardstick of measure,

   as Iím choosing my destiny!


I think, for a long time, Iíve been aware

   of the molecules of Godís order;

But, I appreciate Him showing me further:

   The perimeters of that border. 


How then, could I ever really expect:

   He would be a Father, if I know no respect?

Thru the wilderness, thatís applied to my life,

   I didnít pass most of the tests!   

But, wait a minute! My Big Brother did that

   and offered me: His Best!


Well, that can be true, if He is your Lord;

   But...Not for the purpose of a Father ignored! 

All of His promises apply to me;

   But, only if Iím in His family!

And, when I am, that fruit will grow;

   But, not for the purpose of running my show


All of the things Satan offered to Jesus,

   to try to get Him to do,

were the very things that made him walk away:

   Saying: Your Father doesnít really Love You...

because, if He did, this wouldnít be happening...

   So, Iím here to rescue you; To let You have immediately;

all the things that Love wouldnít do!


Iím thinking for me, Iíd better rely,

   the same way that Jesus did,

When itís time for me to be sent by Him;

   Iíll be ready to multiply that bread!


Let the stones be what the stones are;

   They serve their very own purpose;

Perhaps for my feet to solidly stand

   on My Fatherís solidified surface! 


But, neverthe less, He knows His plan

   and all He requires: Iíll be blessed by His Hand!

And, what a magnificent thing that is:

   To be about the business thatís really His!


March 7th, 2005

Matthew; Chapter Four

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