APR 20

   DA 4-20 1of2A Trail of Pearls


What then, Lord, is my obedience to You?

   This, that you are the Author of?

How then, do I walk in this way of perfection,

   that was approved of with that kind of Love? 


You said to digest the meat of Your Word;

   and get off of the diet of milk;

To walk out the foundation of faith toward You

   and stop rehearsing the pain that You felt;


To religiously stay in that position,

   by repetitive actions admits:

That I really donít believe You at all;

   Thus, not let what You did exist!


I donít want to walk in re-crucifying You;

   But, rather, what You have obtained;

To prove what You did: Took on Life

   and now live...Otherwise, You suffered in vain


But, You told me Youíre persuaded

   of better things for me

and things that accompany salvation;

   As well as health and prosperity

to fulfill all of Your expectation. 


You said, Taste and then eat

   that Good News from You

and the power of the Kingdom to come;

   Donít get stuck on that diet of milk

and make void all that You have done. 


Confident expectation thru this completion

   is what I want you to see;

Leave all else behind; Your inheritance is waiting;

   This then, is by My Decree:


Multiplied blessings for you to obtain;

   Does this answer your question

about how not to remain in the place of admiring

   and rehearsing My pain?


Fix your eyes on the thing that

   that pain accomplished and I will live on in you;

I was resurrected so you can believe

   and walk in My victory too.


   Youíre completely aware that I swore by Myself,

   which makes you an heir of promise;

I went even further and took an Oath...

   so you can walk thru the veil,

because I paid for Us Both! 


You see, when I took on humanity,

   I also had to die for Me;

Even thou I maintained human purity,

   all humans were permanently tainted;

and, without any of My past positions power,

   I overcame in that final hour. 


Because you moved on, I can tell you these things;

   Stuck in that other place, you could never bring

into being, all that My living has really done;

   This can only come from your Holy One. 


Youíve read: It is finished;

   But, if you donít know why,

you wonít be able to justify,

   the thing that only I can explain;

Doubt then creeps in and My death is in vain. 


How can you stop the mouth of The Liar,

   with all of his accusations,

if you donít know why the lie is a lie

   and seek only religious gyrations? 


Well, of course you canít

   and this grieves My Spirit;

But, pre-conceived ideas laid aside,

   you can come to Me and I will refresh;

Then youíll know you have rights to survive!


And what a survival this will be;

   as you live your life, emulating Me;

With ďRights of PassageĒ

   already stamped, ďPaidĒ...

because you spent time to let Me persuade...


every doubt from unanswered questions;

   That is your answer to :What is perfection?

Now you can walk on in the perfection of Me,

   as we are completing and setting free...

every captive that doesnít know about this;

   But, Remember!  You only give an assist;


Because it is Me that is their Lord,

   and I want them to sit at My Knee,

while we are involved in agreement together

   for each precious destiny. 


The choice is, and always will be, theirs;

   Itís them that My Love will persuade;

But, you and I will move some mountains,

   so The Lie cannot invade...

But We, together, will not miss a step

   on Our road of delight thatís pr-paidDA 4-20 2of2





Birthed from:

   Hebrews: Chapters Five and Six


March 14th, 2005                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

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