AUG 20



In my searching’s to understand (and mostly out of need),

   thru the years, I’ve heard explanations of what many others believed...

that You were saying in Your Word...

   and I listened carefully to all that I’ve heard.


When I became a new creation, thou much I didn’t understand,

   I knew I was different and experienced, numerous things from Your Hands;

There seemed to be so much controversy...sometimes all I knew for sure...

   is that Jesus died and paid for me...even thou I was immature. 


I learned about gifts; I learned about order and about eternal security;

   I learned about baptisms and speaking in tongues and His gift-righteousness given to me...

But, I heard nothing at all about The Kingdom of God,

   except in Heaven...after I died;

And yet, He said His Kingdom is within and He once offered to set it up;

   He said, If I would, John was Elijah, announcing His Kingdom to us.


They rejected, in spite of evidence that Jesus walked in that realm with all that He touched;

   Then, the Gentiles were included (and I thanked God for this);

Was His offer retracted or does it still exist...or set up only, after we leave?

   Why then, the first offer that His Heart had conceived?


Then the controversy about ‘pre’, ‘post’ and ‘mid’;

   Nevertheless, He told us that we should live...

in the principals of His Kingdom, here on this earth and pray that His Kingdom would come;

  Certainly would stop the argument about: meat being ‘lawful’ for everyone. 


It is, of course, yet not expedient, if we’re to live in the realm with His first    intent;

   You can’t really believe that in the place He sets up, He will kill and eat His  Creation;

In that place, there will be no death; It cannot enter into His Nation. 


He gave us His Authority over all, so no thing will fear, as we recall...

   the example He showed us and the great price He paid...

for rescuing His Creation and every species made. 


Could it be, we don’t want to walk thru His Door...into His Kingdom, that existed before?

   Indeed, greater responsibility, after The Cross, near as I can see;

Satan will be bound for a thousand years; He won’t be able to interfere...

   But, it now will be up to us to pass on, to generations born,

the many things that we have learned here, in the process of being conformed...


to the image of God’s very Son and, thou opposed, have still overcome...

   in our searching’s for, as Abraham did: The City with foundation where we are to live.


We still have the same opportunity , to go back to from where we’ve be called;

   If you’re still your own, thou bought with His price,

you will continue to be lord of your own life.


All things lawful, you will fight to keep...and He’ll let you, if that’s what you decide;

   But, there’s another offer; a better way, to experience right now where He abides;


Yes, I believe His offer remains, depending on, “if I would”;

   A better way, I can walk in today, expecting to appear what I hear Him say:

The Good News of The Kingdom is offered still and I’m trying to say:

   Yes, Lord, I will! 


Otherwise, I’ll be a follower of the ‘gifts’ and not realize the reason they exist;

   I’ll never grow up to walk by His side because the discipline, I will decide...

is not what I thought the good news was about; Immaturity loves to complain and pout!


Then a quest begins for another ‘good news’; One more acceptable that will let me do...

   all of the things that my way has proved: My choices have trapped me and kept me abused;

One thing’s for sure, this will require from me...walking closer with great dependency...

   on His power, not mine, if I’m going to win; The only way, really, to glorify Him.


But, alas, He said, those that are weak...receive; yet, not with disputing’s of  doubts that’s deceived;

   Rather, hold up My Standard and decree My Decree:

The Covenant sworn by Myself and you’ll see:Discipline leads to maturity...

   as well as you bowing your knee to Me to walk in My Kingdom...





April 20th, 2006...

The writing: “KINGDOM PURPOSE” clarifies this. and can be read at:

Lesson #39    

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