Did God really give all these freedom’s to me?

   I’m beginning to think that He didn’t;

except in one area: Free to follow Him...

   believing He has in deed risen.


I really don’t think God’s Government is...

   like the democracy, in which we now live;

Perhaps where all controversy comes from...

   all the dis-honoring of His Son.


It’s fantasy to think that, in His Domain,

   we’d be allowed to operate the same...

as what has been going on down here;

   Then we impudently ask Him to remove all fear.


“The land of the free and the home of the brave”...

   seems a very sure path to further enslave...

the very thing that cost Jesus His life;

   Yet, we fight to the death for this magnificent strife. 


Well then, do I think dictator-ship is better?

   No! But that’s what we are living in;

Talk about a Bill of Deception that Satan has sold to men!


Then, we say so quickly that Jesus is our Lord...

   and delight in the ‘freedom’s’ that we can’t afford; 

The only freedom of choice He gave me...

   is the freedom to quickly bow my knee...

to The King of kings and The Lord of lords...

   that, for the most part, has been severely ignored!


Where did all this come from, anyway;

   Have we actually changed what He’s had to say? 

An extreme deception and it’s hard to get out;

   Less resistance to buy what ‘religion’ spouts. 


But, to buy that lie, I’d have to agree:

   God hasn’t noticed my tragedy; 

There’s a way that He’s blessed and a way that He’s cursed;

   Only choosing Him as Lord, let’s blessing be birthed.


God’s very protective of His true family;

   Puts up with no nonsense from the enemy;

So, if this isn’t going on, you’d better check yourself out...

   and see if it’s you He is talking about. 


We’ve had an uncanny ability to explain away the ‘if’s’ that we read;

   Such as: “IF you continue on in His goodness...” (Ro.11:22) 

or, “IF thou do that which is evil, be afraid...” (Ro.13:4)...

   Only a few of the many verses that deception has enslaved!


Can you get a true picture of this:

   You walk in before The King...

then, proceed to tell Him how things should be...

   This Creator of everything


The difference between intimacy and familiarity;

   One or the other is in you;

Intimacy comes from honoring The Son;

   Familiarity, from fantasy and a driven one.


Children that are raised in ‘freedoms’ like this,

   without ‘Agape” wearing The Crown,

usually find their own ways to exist...

   or ‘religion’ has them bound...

with a ‘form of godliness’ that inherited no power;

   Both un-prepared for their final hour! 


They’ve been taught no honor and no respect;

   An emotional love manipulated that...

justifying: It’s the other mate’s fault;

   Thus, leaving the door open for the lie’s assault


Agape can’t survive if order isn’t alive;

   It’s on love, out of order, that the lie eats...and thrives.

Automatically changed agape into...

   a love that looks good to benefit you...

and it does, for a while, but it’s wearing your smile...

   as it develops, in you, ‘another’ lifestyle...

in it’s ‘order’ to keep you from bowing your knee...

   while it ‘lovingly’ wipes out your whole family. 


We must embrace these ‘IF’s and submit to The King:

   The Qualified One that Reigns Supreme;

It is His delight to give to His heirs...

   all of His Treasures...for whom they are prepared. 


I’ve been observing youths, as well as myself...

   (not speaking in regard to ‘years’);

how they act; how they think,

   and yes, how they eat and dress too;

In their eyes, they want what they want...

   and the sooner; the better...from you! 


So, I ask you this: Is foolishness bound in their heart...

   the way God said that it is? 

He gave a solution but, if you are bound too, 

   I doubt you’ll be able to see this thru. 


Then, that makes us all, children hopelessly bound;

   Can you see now why order needs to be found? 

And, how your ‘freedoms’ have led to this?

   Yes, and, ‘IF’ you would, Elijah can now exist...


to set up the The Domain for The Bride and Her King;

   that is you, IF you would, to inherit all things.




                                                                               February 1st, 2006



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