A CONVERSATION;

       DA 6-1 1of1 A PROPHECY; A VISION


I make Jesus My Lord, when I let Him bless me;

   He can actually, then, apply

His righteousness to me personally,

   Thus, the reason I am justified.


Now, what does this mean: ‘Let Him bless me’?

   It means: ‘Go to Him as my source’;

‘My source’ for what?  For every thing;

   You, then, put His power in force.


Up to this point, I think most of us

   have acknowledged His very great price...

But, when it comes to doing this,

   we trust more: the world’s factual advise. 


We might wait an hour or a week, we might last;

   If it goes much longer, we’ll forget that we asked;

That’s where the battle is won or lost;

   where it shows what we really think;

That’s where it’s determined, who’s really boss;

   That’s where faith usually sinks.


Our logic then, can move right in

   and water ‘religious seeds’...

because we certainly will not admit:

  ‘I asked and I didn’t receive’;


That makes us look less than ‘spiritual’;

   Oh, there was a spirit involved:

The one that has been feeding on me;

   The one that steals every resolve!   


Why don’t we, instead, go boldly before

   that Throne where He’s given access...

and find out why we didn’t receive,

   when we specifically asked?


What?  Have a conversation with God

   and expect that He will answer?

You might find out, when you asked, He did...

  but you fixed the problem so that you could live...

the way that is so familiar to you,

   so that you can do the things you want to!


You are more comfortable just carrying ‘that banner’;

   You’d rather run your own life;

Well, He will allow that; He died for ‘free choice’;

   Your lordship’s produced all your strife!


Sooo many excuses, we’ve found to side-step,

   the things that He said He would do;

Isn’t it reasonable to ask Him, ‘Why...

   He didn’t keep His word to you?’ 


The response you just had,

   when you heard that statement,

will expose who you really are;

   You’re usually so busy answering your own questions;

He can’t take you very far.


The day is coming; I think, already begun;

   when you’ll need to hear from The Holy One;

Don’t let “sudden destruction” come upon you;

   Be still long enough to hear what to do.


He said, if you ask, He really will answer;

   And, if you just cannot hear,

out of His Love, His order will provide...

   another to speak to your ears. 


You will know; His Spirit in you

   will confirm with His understanding;

He will bring up words that He’s said before;

   His plan: Your trust starts expanding...


so you can really make Him Lord;

   So He can carry your load;

So He can do every word that He said;

   So pretense can be exposed!


At this point in my conversation with Him,

   I began to see this vision;

He said to me: Write these words down;

   For them, this is My provision:




A determination will rise up in you;

   You have now become a threat;

Your old religion lies dead on the ground...

   with all of it’s hopeless regrets;


My road’s now exciting; Your chains are gone;

   Your expectation’s My Victory Song!!!

No more of this non-sense, You bow your knee;

   My Tree of Life is your destiny! 


My confidence is there to end all despair;

   When you ask, you now will see...

every word that I promised I’d do for you

   for your great cost of Me. 


No!  You won’t die; Your will surely live...

   and complete your wholeness that I freely give!




You glance back, as you leave that foundation,

   of defeat and religious despair;

You notice, laying lifeless in a heap:

   Some banners; Some chains and all cares! 


Your bare feet feel good on your Kings Foundation,

   where Sin is completely paid;

Your Robe of Right Being is placed on your shoulders;

   Your ears hearing all He is saying.


Then, you remember, “Have I not said,

   You are kings and you are priests”...

And you bow to Your Head, remembering He said:

   “Within you is where I will be.”


Your response: ‘Thank-you, Lord;

   Now I know that I can...

We are well able to take this land.’


                                                                             June 15th, 2005


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