Shame on you, if you have a poor pastor;

   I mean that literally... SHAME!!!                            

Itís you that will suffer loss of rewards,

   for withholding your financial gain! 


When you both are there, before His Throne,

   he must give an actual accounting...

to your grief or joy, but the truth will be told...

   that will ďlight the fireĒ as your giving unfolds. 


If he gives it with joy, you will then be trusted...

   to rule with your Lord and your King;

If he gives it with grief, you will suffer great loss...

   for burying and not listening!


How could your King ever trust you...

   to run this Earth, as He told you to,

if you refused to do what He wrote in His letter;

   The truth is: Your esteem would be no better. DA 6-8 1of2


He was trying to form your heart like His...

   break you free from your god of money;

That was the final test that you failed...

   how youíd care for everybody.


He wonít allow that spirit to ever enter...

   The Garden of His Domain;

Otherwise, there would be a repeat...

   that would end up exactly the same.


When I anoint a man to teach you,

   and you refuse to agree;

Youíd best go to another pastor to eat...

   than to grieve Me with no unity. 


If you just keep eating and eating My Word...

   and donít respond to the Truth that youíve heard,

A malfunction will occur within the body,

   physically and spiritually;

This is the reason thereís been so much trouble...

   with noticeable obesity.


If you didnít agree with all that was taught,

   rather than casually giving it no thought...

you had a responsibility...

   to voice the issue that you couldnít see.


With this done in order, as you gather together,

   then, I am there, in your midst;

Do you think that I wouldnít have spoken on the matter,

   in a situation like this?  


This is the way you make Me your Lord;

   So the root of the problem has been exposed:

This didnít happen, because your god of money,

   will not easily let you go.  


If you remain your own lord, by not listening to Me,

   he will go on controlling you and your destiny.

This will cost much more than youíve been withholding,

   to be lord of your comfort zone;

You already know that I gave you My all...

   and Iíve told you that youíre not your own.


Thereís precious few that will reign with Me...

   only those trained to maturity;

In your life now, your choices are proving,

   that loss of reward is the direction youíre moving.


The issue with you has always been...

   deciding if you can trust Me;

Thatís actually what Iíve been watching to see...

   Can I trust you to reign with Me?


Iíve been trying to separate you from your god...

   whoís treated you shamefully,

but you continue to allow him to run your life...

   keeping you from maturity. 


Come out of the fog, before itís too late;

   He knows Iíve already decreed...

I will pour strong delusion upon this Earth;

   He wants that your destiny.


How can you reign in My Kingdom coming to Earth,

   with the good news for others about their second birth,

if My Kingdom right now that is within...

   refuses My good news to operate in?


If you can only believe the things that you see,

   then, unfortunately, youíll never be free;

But, yet, you like to call on Me,

   to meet your need in tragedy.


Who are you fooling, other than yourself? 

   How do you know Iím alive? 

You pick and you choose the things that youíll do...

   and reap what your lordship provides.


So, just what is the problem? 

   Have you ever asked Me to reveal,

the reason that you can no longer feel...

   that excitement in you right here and now?

If youíll do what I say, I will show you how...


that what you are suffering, presently,

   cannot be compared with where you can go with Me;

Not just in the future; Right now; Today...

   We can walk beyond your childish way.


This life of shame and disappointment;

   You are living beneath your Devine Appointment!

Shame and regret or honor and respect?

   Which one will it be?

Decide right now, before you expire...

   and keep your appointment with Me!!! 

   DA 6-8 2of2                                                



From: ďThe Kingdom WithinĒ

July 14th, 2005


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