LIBERTY’S  CHOICE                               


My liberty cannot be judged of another man’s conscience...

   for all things are legal for me;

If, what I’m receiving, to The Lord, I give thanks DA 6-5 1of4

   and that ‘thing’ has expediency...


Never a thought should enter my head,

   that this might not be my daily bread;

But, if your liberty will stumble another,

   for his sake don’t do the thing;

He may be weaker, but he’s still your brother:

   Jesus ‘agape’ has come into being! 


To eat of the good news, that’s perfectly free,

   is the ‘thing’ you want each person to see;

Well, what is then meant by ‘expediency’?

   Does the ‘thing’ glorify God, or just satisfy me?


His liberty means:( that is perfect and free;

   in this body that no longer belongs to me);

I can walk in that freedom to glorify Him...

   Thus, proving fear’s weakness can be killed in all men.  


My communion, twenty-four seven,

   should be with who paid for me;

There is no time for communion with devils,

   from which, He has set me free.


I have ever wondered how it would be,

   to challenge the “love of money”, in me;

I use to think, I wasn’t ‘controlled’; (I gave so much away);

   Yet, I have been thinking, I shouldn’t be casual...

about what Jesus had to say:


He said, Love of money is the ROOT OF ALL evil;DA 6-5 2of4

   So, therefore, it has to be;

It isn’t the ‘paper’ or ‘metal’ I love;

   It’s what ‘it’ can do for me.                              


Thru the years, I’ve been subtlety chained,

   with what I could justify;

But, the older I get, I have come to conclusions:

   I, too, have been trapped in that lie! 


Either ‘His payment’ or ‘Money’, will meet every need;

   So, who will be ‘master’ today?

So very important, to hear what He’s saying...

   if I want to walk out of ‘my way’. 


I would like to go back and live it again;

   If you really mean that, today you can win! 

My needs are met first, I’ve heard it said;

   What? He can’t supply my daily bread? 


I’d rather have this to be ‘my choice’,

   before circumstances dictate...

and separate me from the ‘thing’ that, for so long,

   has really dictated my fate.


A million things coming into my head;

   This ‘familiar way’ almost has me dead;

‘Don’t be an extremist’, is one thing I hear;

   I would say, if honest, I’ve ‘extremely’ suffered fear...


Fear, not to have the comforts you provide;

   But, with maintaining your ‘comforts’ faith seems to subside.

With all of these words, one thing remains clear:

   ‘You can’t have two masters in this life, my dear.’ DA 6-5 3of4


This ugly root has raised its head;

   It’s time to crush it, is what Jesus said;

Oh, you bruised my heal and trapped me with this...

   BUT, without a ‘head,’ you cannot exist! 


In evaluating this, the thing that I hear:

   (That monster won’t easily give up on fear)

‘What if Jesus doesn’t meet your needs?’

   Well, you certainly haven’t; You’ve only deceived...

and left me with maintenance, to further chain;

   (A subtle way to keep me in pain). 


You’ve tried to hide the value of me;

   You’ve tried to keep me from experiencing I’m free;

I should have known, you’d have to deal in wealth;

   Automatically, you could then steal all health.


I believe you know, with Jesus in me...

   you, too, will have to bow your knee;

I can’t serve two masters, so, with action, I choose...

   The One that, with action, has decreed that you lose! DA 6-5 4of4





June 29th, 2005                                      

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