JUN 16

We decided before....


When you are born from above with that kind of love,

   Your body’s no longer your own;

He literally dwells on the inside of you...

   And has made your body his home. 


now, he hasn’t changed; he remains the same...

   Throughout all of the days of years;

even before the days were numbered;

   Before, even hemispheres.


in the course of events, Jesus payment stands strong;

   His purpose in you is: continue his song;

and, thru your body, he’ll continue to do...

   All things that honor the father, with you.


when he speaks a direction, contained in those words,

   Is his power in you to do what you have heard...

And in the ‘doing’ of the thing that he said,

   To your delight, oppositions lay dead. 


Then, the thing that hindered you, most of your life.

   Has to vacate or bow it’s knee...

To the one whose directive has already completed...

   Your absolute victory! 


Remember when he said, ‘when you enter a place,

   If my truth, they will receive

Then you can stay and multiply;

   otherwise, You must quickly leave...


and shake that dust off from your feet’...

   Because their soil will not produce

the seeds that were planted inside of you

   cultivated for our father’s use. 


his plan, of course, being: He will multiply

   And put an end to the enemy’s lie. 


think of it!!! Everything that ever you’ve read...

   All of the words that he’s said,

your ‘house’ completed on the inside of you;

   Now can you say: “This thing I can’t do”?


He didn’t expect in your strength that you could,

   And that’s where your views have been based; 

But you can decide to think like he thinks...

   Bring this into being...minus what he has erased.


some say, “this is leaving my comfort zone.”

   The truth of the matter: This was never your home. 

You already are entering the place I’ve pre-paid,

   And establishing My Kingdom the lie has enslaved.  


the two leafed gates are swinging open;

   I won’t be held prisoner by you; 

I am coming out, with you or alone,

   With great multiplications for my other homes. 


a greater offer does not exist; 

   My desire: that we do this together;

but, nevertheless, if you insist...

   My offer will not wait forever!


Did I ever abuse you that you won’t enter my rest?

   Did I ever not offer my very best? 

All of your pain did not come from me;

   You believed the lie; not my victory...


And then you ‘hardened’ and kept me in prison...

   So that I would finance your short-sighted vision. 

The vision I have is bigger than you;

   Yet, I invited you in with so little to do...


So that I could remove your back from the burden,

   And walk you to places as more than a servant. 

Would that your desire was the love of me;

   Would that we could walk in that unity.


would that you could find joy in the things that I say;

   Will you let me show you myself today? 

The King shouldn’t be pleading with the one that he bought;

   Yet, I plead for you, to not suffer that loss. 


now, will you trust me and do what I say? 

   My power in you will change all of your days...

From frustration to security...this was our plan in eternity. 




July 26th, 2005


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