JUN 25

DA 6-25- 1of3



Now you are washed; Now you are clean,      

   thru the words I have spoken to you;

Don’t listen if any man or angel says:

   There is more that you have to do. 


My words cleansed your spirit and it is complete;

   Your emotions have challenged and tried to compete...

because ‘it’s’ trained your body to have its own way; 

   This is the war you are ‘feeling’ today. 


My Spirit inside you has taken the throne;

   That’s why I said: “You are not your own...”;

That’s suppose to be good news; not slavery;

   Your spirit has already bowed its knee.


All condemnation has already been judged;

   The verdict is: “You are clean!” 

If you’ll move on this fact in each situation,

   your soul will not reign supreme.


So important each day’s started with understanding of this;

   Decree to other voices: “Cease and Desist”...

all activity, that my souls leading can’t do;

   It’s the spirit of me that’s designed like You.  


Your soul will present a million ‘good ideas’...

   as to why this is happening to you;

My Truth is plain and easy to be entertained;

   I said I would walk with you thru...


every emotion that your soul has allowed,

   to lead you to this despair;

Your spirit listens to Me and knows that I said:

   You don’t have to carry these ‘cares’. 


So, stop the many words that have ‘vampire-ized’ you;

   There is nothing I’ve told you that your own strength must do! 

Forget these voices that ‘expect’ you to maintain...

   quoting My words to you for their personal gain.   


It should be as evidenced to you as to Me:

   They will not leave their own familiarity;

There’s no oil in their lamps; They are demanding you give...

   your oil to them, and serve them instead.


Great things are accomplished, if you will leave that pride;

   You will walk with Me and will not have to hide...

to protect yourself from what they want you to do;

   This is all I expect from you: 


Don’t fight a fight that is not My battle;

   My battle has already been won;

Will you walk in that rest and experience...

   You are valued, My precious son?   





When I was praying about this specifically,       

   I saw a vision about my family:


There was a tournament; a ping-pong game; 

   The ‘winners’ thought this would bring them gain...DA 6-25- 2of3

But, the ball had a label and, on it, said: 

   I AM EMOTION, is what it read. 


There have been many ‘winners’ thru the years,

   But, The Trophy presented was full of God’s tears.


The Judge sat smiling, upon his chair,

   as he scored all these ‘victories’;

His greatest fear was that he would be de-throned,

   and have to ‘follow’ in misery...

the spirit of the one that would end this game...

   then he would no longer have his fame. 


Then, right in the middle of this tournament,

   one thru down his paddle;

He said: “I concede; Play your own game;

   This has never been my battle!”


From that moment on, his “trophy’ dissolved...

   All commitments were ended, as his spirit had solved...

There’s only one thing I’ve been told to do:

   Sell all my accumulations and follow You.


For the first time since that one was born again,

   he ended the detour he had taken;

He finally decided that he was free...

   the ‘others’ must find their own victory,


and quit demanding it is him

   that has to meet all of their needs;                               

That is not what “The Judge” anticipated...

   to see that slave emancipated...                                           


and put an end to emotions fears;

   let them deal with their ‘trophy of tears’;

The Trophy that’s his, when he stopped that game,

   is filled with God’s peace and an inherited gain. DA 6-25- 3of3




August 14th, 2005

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