JUN 10

BOLDER NOWDA 6-10- 1of3


The Serpent has set up his clinics and decreed: “I will not allow...

   you to alter the diet that brought you here;

I will make you serve me...here and now!”             


“My well laid plan in the hands of man;

   They love being my gods; They refuse to expand...

their knowledge of what my enemy says,

   which keeps them all eating my daily bread.” 


“I have blessed my gods greatly with inheritance;

   Great revenue from His children of need; 

I’m injecting them on a regular basis...

   with my serum that came from their greed.”


“I won’t let them out; They are very afraid;

   They are just content with the fact that they’re “saved”;

I’m working on that one, as eventually...

   they will doubt the fact that He said they are free.”  


“Little by little, they will suffer decay;

   They now have to do all that my doctor’s say;

The doctors don’t know it; They both are blind;

   I’ve locked their knowledge into the plan that is mine!” 


“My enemy should have known better than to challenge me;

   The knowledge of good and evil’s my tree;

After all, I am really keeping them alive...

   because, without me, they just wouldn’t survive.”

DA 6-10- 2of3

“What’s the difference, with drug ‘side effects’?   

   I have another that will take care of that.

I have decided that this will be...

   my kingdom on my earth for eternity.” 


“After all, I have saved their lives;

    I have, in fact, become savior;

I will require what He requires:

   They now have to seek my favor!” 


“There’s no way out; I have admirer’s now;

   As with any king, their knee must bow;

I’ve marked their heart, so I’ll know who’s mine;

   This will allow them to eat; I am good to mankind.”


I said in My word, with responses like this:

   “We are all like sheep, led to the slaughter!” 

Nay! You are more than a conqueror; is what I said;

   Are you My son or My daughter? 


I defeated that serpent; hung him on My brass pole;

   representing My payment for you;

When his bite of venom infected them...

   they were healed and you can be too. 


You just refused the discipline...

   because you liked your own way;

I tried to tell you to look at this;

   Will you now, hear what I say? 


My inheritance demands that the Earth will produce...

   for My heirs that I gave it to;

I even provided a way to be rid...

   of his babies that he hatched in you.


No, it isn’t too late; So, don’t allow it to be;

   Turn your health around by relying on Me.

The reason your ‘miracle’ hasn’t happened;

   You haven’t decided yet:

That to reign with Me, you must bow your knee;

   with a lifestyle of treasures to get.


Don’t let your members be used by a tyrant! 

   His species knows no mercy;

He only can think with a legalistic mind...

   based on gain, for ego’s controversy.  


You’ve experienced both ways;

   Now, you have to choose;

I will meet you there so that you won’t lose...

   But, the time is short and I’ve given you...

free choice for your life;



                 What will you do?  DA 6-10- 3of3



July l9th, 2005   

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