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You came to this Earth to re-instate us

   (All humane’s state of being);

  Your Offer: I’ll set up My Kingdom on this Earth;

   This is the fruit you are seeing.


The fruit is the only part we pursue;

   It’s captivated our minds;

In order to do this, we have become involved

   with a system that’s totally blind!


Fruit inspectors is what we’ve become;

   As if ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ could make us One; actuality, that choice then sets our destiny. 


“If you would”...say ‘yes’, to an offer not withdrawn,

   would this automatically...

start producing what we’ve tried to clone

   and end each tragedy?


We’ve all built so high with “The Lumber of Sweat”;

   So busy, we’re not persuaded yet;

Can we let that house fall?  Does His offer still hold:

   Inherited free lumber for all?

Well, we should, if we’re dealing in honesty;

   How many things in your life have been free?


How many steps have you walked without pain?

   How many ways have you tried to explain...

the reasons that all things He said’s not in view?

   Right here and now; Has this happened to you?  


Your explanation would have to be:

   This will happen in Heaven and then, I’ll be free.


Is that what Jesus actually said?

   Was that the thing that He offered?

Here and now is what I just read...

   when His total payment was raised from the dead. 


The treasure’s stored up where it can’t be stolen;

   Something we don’t have to guard;

When it’s needed, it’s freely released:

   An interest-free credit card.


How hard it is to believe what He said

   and not change it with rationalization;

Only the bold, with Inheritance’s Robe,

   can righteously rule over nations. 


If that’s not established, here and now,

   can you be trusted? Would you even know how? 

Do you have enough courage to present this to Him

   and hear definite answers for the good of men? 


Are you so sure, in what you’ve already produced,

   have you automatically decided:

Any information, that challenges you

 is cut-off; You will not abide it!  


Your spirit will always hear what He says;

   It’s your past you should bury;

That will keep Him as dead.


If a question’s presented, you need His answer;

   Otherwise, your opinions will get...

a house that will fall from your reasoning’s:

   And, great is the fall of it!!!


Oh, you’ll be with Him; Because you’re His child;

   But, it’s here, He wants you to decide:

The greatness you’ve been pre-destined for;

   So His Sun can yet rise in human son’s to explore..


all of the things that are right now yours;

   That, so far, you’ve busied yourself to ignore;

What is His offer? Give up and die...

   to the way that you have established;

I will resurrect you out of that lie,

   that has so completely ravished....


every desire that I’ve sown in you;

   Every desire that youth wanted to do;

Every desire that self-preservation has stolen;

   Every desire that your hope once had spoken.


You can, if you would, I have great things for you;

   I’ll lead you in what you’ve been sown to do!

I’ve told you to ask and you will receive;DA 5-1 2of2

   I’ve told you to seek and you’ll find;

I’ve told you to knock and I’ll open to you...

   This Treasure that you are as mine.  




April l8th, 2005


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