MAY 31



He created all things; Man and angels had choice;

   But, “Beauty” itself, raised rebellion’s voice;          

Decided to improve on what Christ had done;

   That seed had to be crushed for everyone.


Therefore, He Decreed: Working had now become Sin;

   He knew full well, this included Him!

If you can think outside religion’s box...

   He cursed Himself first, for the love of us. 


And not just with regret, but responsible action;

   Submitted Himself for love’s satisfaction;

The self-righteous will say, “No! That’s blaspheme! 

   Yet, Love’s greatest repentance, is what I see...


To stop the growth of what He had planted

   and open His way of new birth;

As the angels observed, they quickly announced...

   this one that would enter Earth. 


He completed His purpose, the old way couldn’t stop,

   submitted it to death, while creation watched;

Creation knew what was happening, as it began to groan,

   waiting for each new man to open, their inherited home.


Think of it this way, if you can: Christ, the Lord, created His man;

   Then, in order to inherit him, He had to die and become Sin;

So, in fact, if you can see, He received all He created as a gift for me!

   Creation now, has a new King, that has Decreed to gift to me, all things;


This is the understanding that’s been missing...

   that opens The Door to all of my blessings;

The whole of creation has been waiting for me...

   to walk in this place that will set all things free. 


Could this be the reason we block the flow;

   hang on to our earnings; afraid to let go?

Because, what we earned was so hard to come by,

   we keep hanging on and believing The Lie?

This makes us the victim and not the solution;

   With this understanding: A clearer resolution! 


In order to please this Jesus, I see..

   All He asks: Will I let Him bless me?

Will I let Him give me what is rightfully mine:

   An inherited treasure that’s clearly defined?


Too simple, you say; It’s a fairy tale! 

   How many times has your plan failed? 

Do you really want to be disappointed?

   Are you so in love with that pain...

that you just won’t admit that you might be wrong...

   in these things that you’ve tried to explain?


Are you going to insist, that the reason for this...

   is you’re suffering for righteousness sake?

Is it so hard to admit, that most of the time,

   lacking power, you have felt like a fake?  


I don’t know about you, but I sure have;

   I knew something was terribly wrong;

This tree’s been producing some negative fruit;

   There’s no joy in a hypocrite’s song!  


Absolutely enough complexity; I can’t carry that kind of a load;

   Talk about “your grandmother’s hump”;Genealogy’s inheritance exposed!  

You might say, I can see that my destiny, depends on my accurate decisions;

   No! That’s just information; a legalistic climb;

I kill that kind of indebtedness...believing inheritance is mine!


With Jesus in me, I can stop His payment,

   by not letting Him complete this statement:

Second Corinthians, Chapter Five, twenty-one:

   He became Sin that I might become: The righteousness of God...

by birthing This Son. 


Since all of Sin’s roots are unbelief, have I stolen inheritance?

   Am I that thief? 

With Jesus in me, do I dictate His fate?

   Is it me that’s kept closed those two “Leafed Gates”...

that He longs to swing open so that I will be...

   able to walk in this free ecstacy??? 




Star Date....   (Lesson #24)

June 13th, 2005

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