MAY 23



Is it possible, for generations of time,

   we have been living a great deception;

Actually walking under a cloud,

   with only brief moments of detection? 


And, yet, in our hands, we have held His Word;

   With our eyes we have read what He did...

about the matter of buying and selling:

   He simply multiplied the bread.


Only when it was necessary; He didn’t do magic tricks;

   When the one’s He created, needed to eat...

His Love ,then, took care of this.


The questions I have been asking myself:

   How did “buying” and “selling” get started?

How did it grow to where it is?

   Is the “love of it” impossible to resist?


When was the first time this started to change? 

   Is this why it’s so hard to hear?

How many years do we go back to be sure;

   And is this, then, the root of all fear?


It doesn’t take any kind of discernment...

   to see how this monster has grown;

But, even at that, it’s still hard to receive;

   this way we have never known.


Another thing that comes to my mind:

  Why did “the twelve” carry a purse? 

Were they ever involved in “buying and selling”...

   and how was their money dispersed? 


I know much more value was put on “the person”

   than what that money would buy;

That was addressed with the expensive spices

   that Judas tried to justify. 


And where, I wonder, did the money come from?

   Seems I have more questions than answers;

If this is true, it’s not just for some;

   This abnormal growth of a cancer.


The reason I’m asking: I have to find;

   Why I can’t yet do what Jesus defined;

Such as; I’ve given you power to tread on the neck

   of serpents and scorpions, and they can’t affect,

the way that I showed you how to walk;

   I want this to be much more than just talk!


Have you been able to do this yet;DA 5-23 2of4

   or, have you pushed this to, “one of these days”?


Are you satisfied with your success...

   in what He has had to say?


DA 5-23 3of4

May 25th, 2005

(5:00 a.m. Wednesday)




Could this be “Devine discontentment”

   from His Holy Spirit to mine?

And, because I am called, He won’t leave me alone...

   because He heard what our heart’s cried one time?


It wasn’t just me; It was our whole family...

   that stated “a way” that we wanted “to be”:

“To walk in absolute confidence;

   never to know any fear;

To have His sense of security

   in all that we do or hear” 


Is He saying, “You asked well and I will grant you this”;

  No wonder there’s been such a great attack;

Is it Jesus we’ve tried to resist?


I did get some answers, only last night,

   when I asked some questions about this fight:

“It isn’t the “buying”; It isn’t the “selling”;

   It’s what your motives are.” 


“It’s , What will you do with the gain you’ve received?

   Will you watch your brother starve?” 

A very big difference: “of” or “in” ;

   A system designed for the destruction of men.” 


“This issue alone, promotes unity;

   Is this money yours or does it belong to Me?

There is no way that this can be faked,

   what this root of “love of” produces;

Could this alone, be why faith has not grown

   and security’s become so illusive? “


Is this the reason for most upheaval? 

   I can’t take lightly what He’s said:

“The love of money is the root of all evil.”

Have we tried other ways, instead?


We’ve already concluded, our nation’s into collapse;

   It just isn’t reasonable to not deal with that!

To re-think priorities and not set aside,

   for the good of yourselves and others,

is to walk stiff-necked and continue to hide;

   To not love Him or your brothers.


He said He’d tell us, like He did with Joseph;

   Has your life really been that great,

that you would ignore what is more than clear,

   and make an issue of “dates”?


It really was revelation to me, that He brought up again

   what was unanimously agreed;

It’s time for a plan that contains His purpose;

   These many years, His eye has observed us...

and remained so true to what we all cried;

   I’d say that this way has been justified!!!   DA 5-23 4of4




May 25th

(11:00 P.M. Wednesday)                                                                                                    

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