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Is the “issue” drugs or is the “issue” seduction? 

   Is the “issue” fruit that leads to destruction?

No!  This does go deeper, but why didn’t they know?

   Is it, they had no leaders to “show” them so?


Yet, what of the leaders? Did they ever know?

   They, too, were not “shown” this way to go!

Then, how is the root of the “issue” exposed? 


The Bible says, we are without excuse;

   That nature itself exposes abuse.

How far back can we trace this loss?

   Apparently further back than even The Cross. 


From the very beginning of time:

   Multiplying choices that are killing mankind.

The overall picture; The overall view;

   States: Jesus, the man, has paid for you.


Before He was man, He was Creator of all;

   Which should see to it, that all do not fall.

Choice still remains, in spite of all this;

   Has choice then become too big to resist?


The abuses of nature must justify,

   an altered state so that you will die...

never knowing, because your mind is in prison;

   Never showing to others, there is Provision. 


Not with power in us, most of the time;

   Yet, we point at our off-spring’s,

double-tongued, to define.

   Is it any wonder they rebelled?

Hypocrisy ruled with the fruits of Hell.


So, how can I stop this and have power in my life;

   Deal with my addictions and bring them to light?

Then, after named, can I even decide...

   to deal with each one or continue to hide? 


Will there be any help from The Creator of me?

   Does lack of power control my destiny? 

Because of this, have I decided:

   Do the best that I can; Define it and abide it;

Well, you know what, I’ve been there before;

   Hopelessness always knocks on that door.


Religion speaks with a double-tongue;

   It’s good to want to rescue someone...

But, you first have to let Him rescue you;

   Your accesses are showing; They are in plain view. 


Is it any wonder He asks, Will I see,

   when I return to this Earth,

faith that is growing because you believe Me...

   or will I see what you’ve birthed? 


Indeed, it’s true: Fruit is not the “issue” ;

   It only can expose...

what a form of god-likeness can never hide,

   while you’re walking your chosen road.       


But, wait a minute, I didn’t choose this:

   To be involved with what I can’t resist.

There’s something else wrong; There has to be...

   else Jesus payment would have rescued me


Hands have been laid on me so many times;

   Prophecies, Decree’s, Even Utterances that rhyme!

And, when they check to see if there’s “fruit”,

   it’s my power that’s discussed or, Let’s examine your “root”!  


I’d like to perform a few examinations myself;

   I would certainly state that, if I thought it would help.

Right now, the only thing I can see:

   I know that Jesus re-created me!


How do I know that?  I’d have stopped long ago;

   But, I have to have Him...that much I do know!  DA 5-9 2of2


I just saw a vision in the midst of this rhyme;          Lord, help me, if you want this to be defined:      

I was laying on my livingroom floor,

   a week or so, after Jim’s funeral. 

Everyone had so helped

   and done everything that they could do


This was the first time I was alone,

   at least, that is what I thought;

I became aware of a huge entity

   that was on the ceiling, to the right of me


The only names that came to my mind,

   were: Hopelessness and Depression;

I really didn’t know at the time,

   They wanted me for their possession.


They didn’t ask; They just came right on in...

   I suppose at a time when they thought they could win;

Well, Jesus countered that severe attack,

   because He came into the room with Jim.


I didn’t see him but I smelled “after shave”;

   And, peace filled the room so much, I was amazed;

It was at that particular moment of time,

   I decided I’d stay and Jesus defined...


something that Jim use to say to me:

   “You can do it, Honey”, I thought: Well, let’s see!

I told you that, to tell you this:

   That thing was assigned to me. 


I’ve seen it on every family member;

   Its attacks to varying degrees 

At times, I’ve only felt its affects;

   Other times, I can almost see. 


I don’t want to spend time giving it power;

   I want to find out its name;

I must be, in some way, letting it live;

   I will not be involved in its gain!


More recently, its been getting bolder;

   Yet, when it comes to see;

I should be able to say, like Jesus:

   You will find nothing in me!


Before I even believed in visions,

   some fifty years ago,

I had been sick and in bed for a year;

   I knew I was starting to go...


Jim came running up from the shop,

   dropped to his knees and praying:

I saw myself laying in a coffin;

   I couldn’t hear what he was saying;


There was the most astounding light;

   Jesus put in my hand a scepter;

My body immediately, not by my strength,

   responded to Lord and Master.


I looked back at that empty box,

   where my body couldn’t move,

Jim said, what was it you were seeing;

   I knew there was power in the room.


Like parts to a puzzle, so hard to define;

   How important exposed in these moment of time. 

Truth understood makes the heart grow stronger;

   Truth not applied makes me suffer longer.


Is it worth the fight? Sometimes, Yes; Sometimes, No!

   But, like I said earlier, Where else can I go? 

All that I’ve tried, will not satisfy;

   I’m caught in His afterglow. 


Am I disappointed? Emphatically, Yes!

   I thought that life held much more than this;

Devine discontentment or spoiled demands?

   Well, Let’s find out...and I will see, if I can!


I talked to my brother a while ago, today,

   Almost can’t believe what he had to say;

His wife, Brenda, had a prophecy

   about these very things I’ve been trying to see;


As a result, we have called a meeting;

   Finally exposed...The name of that being!!!

I’m so interested in hearing much more; 

   Jesus has opened a definite door!!!


                                                                                         May 3rd, 2005  

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