A statement was made, the other night,

   that I thought might have been mis-quoted;

So, before these words are on my foundation,

   my agreement must be “duly” noted. 


You cannot control all words that are said

   or what each person might see;

But, in order to be sure that You are my “Head”,DA 5-5 1of2

   I now, have responsibility...

to present this to You, so that I can then be,

   totally persuaded of Your life in me.


The Question: 


Is it possible for You, My Lord, to blot-out

   names that You have written...

in a Book labeled: Life that is secure?

   I’m presenting for Your decision.


Well, of course, like others, I’d like a ‘free pass’,

   in spite of the things that I do;

To know that I am forever secure and will spend

   all eternity with You. 


That is my plan but I’m not naive, so as, not to see:

   When Your seed is conceived,

there will be a change from a different root;

   which, of course, will produce Your kind of fruit. 


The very essence and nature of You,

   will not dictate what You make me do;

So, if I refuse to let You be my Lord,

   It’s not true I desire to spend...

all of life, forever and ever,

   involved in Your payment’s plan. 


We love the fact that You’ve made us free;

   Well, free for what purpose, is what all need to see...

To use that freedom to plan my own way?

   Or, respond to Your offer and do what You say? 


The thing that You’ve made TOTALLY SECURE...

   Is, the WAY that You paid for; not what we ignore!

Well, I am His, I remember the day,

   I asked Him to save me;

What did He say? Did He not say, I will be your Lord?

   Well, have you let him and can you afford

to not look at the fact, if this is true;

   Because, that is the offer He made to you. 


Now, if you see this, and you keep falling down;

   He’ll pick you back up, you’re on His Holy Ground;

But, don’t try to change what He really did say;

   You could infect others with that message today. 


Since I am a ‘human’, I am alive

   and I qualify to be able to survive;

And then, if I ask Jesus to be my Lord;

   His response is, “Yes” and He opens His Door,

for me to come in to alive pastures with Him

   and show me what’s now in store. 


I can go in and out with never a fear

   and His Love for me’s in full view;

Yet, that kind of Love will let me decide

   and not demand that I do...

It is this Way, that’s eternally secure,

   that has been presented to you.


Do you think it to be an unusual thing

   that a Father would never allow,

a cost this great to dissipate

   and not protect His Vow? 


Well, I asked and You answered; I thank You for that;

   Even thou, different than what I’ve been taught;

I appreciate, Lord, Your faithfulness

   to alter my “blocks of thought”. 

So, it’s not me You “blot out”, but, rather, my choice;

   As You certainly will not permit,

decay to come in and infect again;

   What You have secured for the life of all men.


“All of their lifetime subject to bondage” (Heb. 2/15)


They’d been taught there was no resurrection;

   That bondage was broken with this Truth that they heard

Free, at last, from the Lie’s great deception;

   Free to walk in His words.


It’s so important to not ‘assume’

   and check all that comes into your ears;

Face each issue head on to see

   what He will alter in you and in me. 


You ,surely, have been able to see:

   There is no power in “Hope so”;

This Man of Great Love stands ready to answer

   all assumptions the enemy has sown.

The reason being:  He definitely wants you...

   to be secured to Him in all that you do. 


“He that overcometh, the same shall be clothed in white raiment; and I will not blot out his name out of the book of life, but I will confess his name before my Father, and before his angels.  (Rev. 3/5)


So, what is it we must ‘overcome’?

   The Lie that says that we are not One;

And, indeed, since this is true,

   He will produce His fruit in you.


A very good ‘check’; Ask His Spirit to inspect...

   the very essence of you;

Each beginning of wisdom will resurrect...

   with His power in all that you do.


I can share; but that experience is guarded...

   individually for me and for you;

What kind of a payment...That would go that far

   in His longing to be One and undo...

every deception that has kept us bound;

   Each one of our footsteps securing Kingdom’s Ground!!!DA 5-5 2of202



April 23,2005

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