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Not trusting Me and what I have said,

   is the leaven that is in your bread. 


To train up a child in the way they should go,

   is one of the greatest wisdom’s I know.

Yet, I have said, when they are grown,

   each one of them will stand alone...


Not being able to use the excuse,

   “I’m suffering these things from my parent’s abuse.”

My offer too, has been spoken to you...individually;

   That excuse spoken only reveals:

You don’t want to come to Me.


You’d much prefer to stay in that place;

   Point out their errors; Thus, abuse My grace!

Even if all accusations were true...

   Where do you think that does leave you?


You have walked away; Now you think you are free;

   Has your life been a reflection of Me? 

Or have you decided you’ll make your own rules? 

   Resentment justifies the way of fools!!! 


I’ve clearly stated in Jeremiah,

   Chapter Thirty-one, twenty nine:

The “sour grapes” you are walking in,

   you have grown on your very own vine.


So busy trying to lead the blind;

   Lead them to what?  What will they find? 

Are you going to show them, with your life,

   how to take instruction...or lead them to strife?


Are you going to show them, how to trust Me?

   Are you capable of “setting that captive free”?

Is your confidence level running so high...

   that you will face Satan, so they will not die?


Have you set your jaw to defend a way...

   that you know very well, I did not say?

How many more warnings will you be able to hear?

   Has compromise completely deafened your ears?


The way that I’ve blessed, you refuse to see;

   You are now in opposition to Me!!!

On your chosen road, what is true:

   Cursed circumstances will overtake you!


Is what you want really that important,

   you’ve decided to satisfy...

and fulfill every desire of your heart

   and pretend you are justified?


‘Com-Promise’ is Satan’s crown;

   He’ll parallel every promise;

As long as you will do things his way,

  he’ll encourage your lordship,

for the rest of your days.


His door is wide open, with treasures to find;

   The whole world’s system is his...for the blind!

An impressive palace, from the outside

   Aphrodisiacs perfume the door, opened wide;

Nothing is really what it appears;

   Instant gratification has deafened your ears;


The sparkling gems have blinded your eyes;

   Exercise rooms keep that body alive;

The king of that totally surface domain,

   will keep you in health to pursue your own fame. 


The master, indeed, of subtlety;

   It’s your spirit he wants to bend it’s knee...

to exalt his way above the heavens;

   It all started with such a little leaven.


All of the ‘blocks’ of health and fame,

   are ‘fruits’ produced...but in who’s name? 

If this is coming from My foundation,

   that straight tree will beautifully grow;

If you are lord, then it’s your foundation;

  Scoliosis can’t support that load.


Mary, Mary, quite contrary,

   How does your garden grow?

Maintaining your garden, with your sweat

   from seeds that your master has sown?

‘Blind and Blinder’, the saying goes;

   Yet, this is the road that you knowingly chose!


Well, good-bye, My love; It could have been sweet;

   It breaks My Heart to see your defeat;

I had in My Hand, so many plans;

   Your value, My very great cost!

As you walk away, I can only say:

   I will so suffer your loss!


You see, I limited Myself to your choice;

   There’s nothing more I can do...but feel your rejection;

If you only had seen, The Life that I had for you!!!  




May 2nd, 2005

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