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These signs will follow those that believe;

   In My Name, they will do mighty deeds;

Even in the wilderness for forty years,

   the god of this world could deceive. 

They proved and tested and finally grieved;

   Their hearts became hardened and would not believe


I notice He said, these signs would FOLLOW;

   They were not intended to lead;

We already know that a ‘seeker of signs’,

   has a better idea he’s conceived.


Satan has the power to do ‘lying wonders’;

   So, our concentration must be:

Help me respond, Lord, in all that you say...

   in Your daily instruction to me. 


He told His disciples, ‘Up to this point,

   you have asked everything with My power;

Now, I am saying, ask OUR Father;

   I’ve pre-paid you for this final hour.’


Religion then and religion now, is still very much the same;

   They teach many ‘good works’, to make you feel worthy...

then, add on, ‘in Jesus Name’.

   You’re not bought with a price; You are still your own;

Your god is money, and its system your throne.


Do I dare see that the god of this world,

   with his false security,

has been able to multiply this path...

   in his manipulation of me? 


A child doesn’t want authority;

   He refuses the training and accuses Me...

of not doing all the the things he has read;

   A Crown of Rebellion is upon his head.


The progression of this, in its infancy:

   Do many ‘good works’; Forget intimacy! 

Forsake My order and serve the younger;

   You’ve taught your own way and you will suffer hunger. 


My way of freedom you refuse to see;

   You would not submit to authority;

Where is the sweetness we talked about;

   the sweetness that cost Me My life;

The Lamb that delighted to submit for you...

   The Lamb that was sacrificed?


That Lamb, now, will no longer submit...

   to the foolishness of your way;

You’re approaching The Lion of The Tribe of Judah,

   that will refine what The Lamb had to say. 


This really isn’t news to you;

   It’s been written for you to read;

But, you’d rather attack the messenger,

   So, you remain willfully deceived. 


Check yourself in these accusations;

   Is it ever about The Word...

or is it about the one that told you,

   the things that his ears have heard? 


All you’ve said, up to this point,

   “I don’t think what he said is true”;

But, when asked, Why?  Or, even further...

   What about this, is God saying to you? 


The response is, “Well, I really don’t know;

   I haven’t had the time to see;

But, nevertheless, this can’t be true;

   God wouldn’t expect this of me!”


As it was then; so it is now: 

   Everybody has an opinion;

But, based upon what; This, I never hear...

   as the religious pursue their dominion.


It’s so sad to me, the more that I see,

   to reject His offer to set all men free;

Oh, believe me, I know the challenge to this;

   To not be my own Lord is hard to resist. 


Yet, the time is coming (and it is written down;

   One out of ten is the ratio I’ve found);


There is a generation that will welcome Me,

   to set up My Kingdom on Earth;

This should be good news and will I find faith...

   for the completion of Our second birth?  


Or, are you tight-fisted and still holding on

   to, really, what has been your mammon? 

When judgement hits and separates you from this,

   will you be at the mercy of famine?  


Then, as now, most wouldn’t listen;

   They refused to see that I Am their provision;

They hated the one that told them to see;

   Yet, then as now, they really hated Me.


Controlling women’ and ‘men of position’,

   fired up by the Pharisee’s;

Religions attack: ‘Out of order’ and ‘money’ ,

   written down in God’s history.


As it was then; So it is now;

   I left them alone to worship their ‘golden cow’;


The age of The Lamb and the age of The Lion,

   was complete when The Lord rose again...

and took His place, which released us to face...

   the rejection of His way from most men.


He tells us that we should walk circumspectly,

   as this adversary of men,

is walking about with one intention:

   To be able to devour again!!!


And then, the cute story that we all like to hear:

   “His teeth have been pulled; You have nothing to fear.” 

But, is this a means of complacence?

   Have I taken the bait to stupidity? 


And, is this a possibility:

   That I have, with refusal to hear and see,

made God Himself my adversary?


It’s one thing to stand with the Armor of God,

   and win with His victory;

But, to wear that suit and fight against Him...

   is a place you don’t want to be. 


The time has expired for us to grow up;

   He hasn’t asked us to drink of His Cup;

But, He certainly has told us how this world will end;

   And now is not the time to pretend!

Face yourself and ‘let it be healed’;

   Don’t be the ‘tare’ that has grown in His Field!



June 5th, 2005


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