MAY 28



So, built into a thing is its reward, depending on what you believe;

   A good explanation of what faith is and The Lieís power to deceive.


Isnít it amazing: Both need a host; Did you know you were that important?

   The whole spirit world canít operate, until you respond and navigate!


What you decide is the way it will be; But, only one died: The Creator of me. 

   Did you really understand (because you were made in His image),

with the destiny you hold in your hand...

   you can now choose to believe...just like Jesus, the man.


Did you think, when He ran them out of The Garden, it was a punishment?

   One mistake and He ran them out...Is your foundation this fear and doubt? 

Talk about Heaven suffering violence...Yet, His plan never changed to re-deem;

   How many ways did The Lie supercede, to get you to respond to its scheme?


Without understanding, weíll never get free; Thank-you, Jerry for your tenacity!


I see in my mind this gigantic junk yard,

   with rust and decay from each choices discard;

Maintaining the things we accumulate is harder, most of the time,

   and takes the joy right out of the gift...I worked for so hard to be mine! 


How great it would be, with a choice that is free,

   to decide He will do what He says; My decision set free; His power in me...

to unravel The Lieís sticky web.


Iíve known for a while, my root is the problem; But, itís revelation to me...

   that this power Iíve been given was in Fatherís plan, to determine my destiny! 

Think of it, will you? I can say today: ďYou gifted me to believe what You say!Ē 


I donít have to work or beg for this power; This had nothing to do with me;

   But, Iím the decider and my choices dictate the power that I will see. 


The Lie gets anxious when the leafed gates swing open, with this discovery,

   He, then, can no longer use my inherited power; thus, incarcerate me.


To tell you the truth, when I first read of these trees;

   I thought, Whatís the difference; one, two or three? 

How does this apply to lack of power in me?


Is there any question this Father wonít answer?  My impatience listens too fast!

   That junk yard dog that keeps biting me, keeps me busy fighting to last. 

His name isnít ďSpotĒ; Itís ďFamiliarityĒ...

   keeping people in boxes, so they cannot ďfleeĒ.  


So, hereís all these power sources afraid to move, in the midst of decay and rust;

   While the dog makes his rounds, on the outside chance,

one will hear whatís been vested in us. 


But, what is that sound? Itís like tumblers turning;

   Understandingís Key opens the lock;

They jump to their feet, as the gates swing open;

   The dogís name has now become ďSpotĒ!


I notice in Proverbs, He states, about Wisdom, that it is the principal thing;

   He tells us to gather all His instructions...

But, understanding unlocks knowledge kings. 


Because I am in His family, my inheritance is perfectly free;

   But, if I donít know the power of my choice, I will choose to work...

and give my power The Lieís voice.


This revelation is hard to see, because we havenít known Loveís simplicity;

   What Jesus did, He didnít keep secret or hide this Love under a basket;

Yet, The Lieís voice has accomplished such complexity,

   most havenít known what to ask yet.  


But, He did say, in a specific way: Ask and you will receive;

   If you donít understand the heart of This Man,

you wonít know you have power to conceive.


I donít mean your power (only in choice);

   The power He completed has been given His voice;

The power to accept; The power to reject, is tied to this significant tree;

   What that tree will become completely depends on your understanding of Me!


Do you suppose thatís why water responded to His significant feet?

   Did He pre-determine, with understanding, to create with His choice to release?

Even thou He created all things, He emptied Himself of that power;

   Was He trying to show us what we should do, in the years of His final hours? 


Otherwise, He did as before; Used His Godly power to open all doors;

   I really donít see that being true, or else, in the desert with Satan,

He wouldnít have just used His power of choice, to defeat The Lieís persuasion.


An automatic happening was put into force and ministering spirits came to enforce;

   These are the things that inheritance gives: Showing us how to choose and live!!!
DA 5-28 2of2
June 7th, 2005;

Revelation from ďStardateĒ   (lesson #24)                             

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