MAY 24



So great salvation was spoken first, by the Lord,

   (Health, Deliverance and Prosperity),

Ministering spirits have been sent to protect...

   my vessel from ďleakingĒ out, into tragedy.


The purpose of demons: Get me to justify

   that I deserve to be pierced with arrows from their lies.

The list gets so long of things I must do,

   in order to prove that He paid for me, too.


When he fires his darts, and they will be fired,

   the news oftentimes is not good;

Seems the first thing spoken by most everyone:

   ďYou havenít been doing what you should.Ē


Never a reminder of your foundationís ground;

   Rather, swift responses to the truths that theyíve found.

And, maybe theyíre true; I really donít know...

   but, whereís the Good News, needed now to grow?


Then, we wonder why itís so hard to believe,

   when we only talk rules...that makes it harder to receive. 

They donít need to hear all the things they must do;

   How about reminding, Jesus has paid for you...

and all of these things wonít be able to stand,

   because you are a son cared for by His Hands.


Then, words of instruction can be received...

   reminding that attacked one, He has been conceived

and help him put on The Armor, Father has for him;

   He canít, then, be pierced through with the ideas of men.


The mercy that He gave us, to help each one grow,

   is noticeably lacking when itís our turn to sow;

A high-minded disgust because they canít hear,

   assuming your life should eliminate fear.


Even making the statements: Theyíve reaped what theyíve sown;

   What power do you have to stop whatís been grown?

Do you counter the bad news with The Good News first?

   Or, have you already decided, their life will get worse? 


Lord, I donít believe all these ways are from You;

   Help me hear what You want me to do;

We say, Letís go on to where He closed The Book;

   (This must be instruction for us);

We donít have His power for the first part yet;

   The power of our words are as dust.  


The cart is so far out ahead of the horse,

   with so many lives that have suffered remorse;

I wonder why Jesus didnít present to men,

   holistic reminders for the healing of them.


To care for the vessel that has become His home,

   most assuredly is His way;

But, what about immediate reversal

   for all that the Lie has to say?


Did Jesus do this? Of course He did! 

   But, because we canít, letís ignore what He said;

A foundation of fear will not support...

   all of the words that your mouth exhorts.


My observation: Jesus first made them whole;

   Then He instructed their way to go.

Wise choices of food and harmful chemicals,

   makes your body last longer to hear;

The lesser choices of doctors to do this,

   will still add to your life some years.


So, is this what this whole life is all about?

   (Obedience being duly noted)

Do you ever wonder why we canít do...

   all the ways that His life promoted? 


Has it come down to this: ďYouíll be what you eatĒ? 

   and, factually, that statement is true;

Do you think thatís the fullness of what Heís been saying,

   in His instructions to you?


No thing in this life should be greater than Him;

   if He really is my Lord;

to break that control, I most certainly agree,

   is paramount not to ignore.  


Yet, nevertheless, it seems to me,

   thereís a step that is sadly missing...

Restoring wholeness to that one thatís afflicted,

   so that they will not miss their blessing. 


The thing that Iíve been wondering about:

   Have we substituted a form for ours,

that, even thou, profitable to our body,

   of Godís likeness....lacking His power?


All of the things that He said are ours,DA 5-24 1of1

   have we pushed them into the future...

and wear, like a badge of honor, our scars;

   that we tell to others and nurture?  


Have we developed a high form of philosophy...

   because we, in fact, can no longer see...

The scars that He carries upon His body,

   with His so great salvation for me???



Hebrews, Chapter Two

May 30th, 2005

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